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It's likely. The come-down from amphetamines can be very rough.

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Probably worth checking out Adderall XR as I've heard the comedown is much more bearable.

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YES! Completely true in my experience.

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I disagree.

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Please explain why you disagree.

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For me instant release is faster, stronger, and a faster, less drawn out comedown. For me with extended release I feel like it takes me multiple days to fully come down vs. IR adderall which might still take until the end of the day but it's much more bearable and less noticeable than ER

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I also disagree.

The XR didn't have as much of an effect on me compared to the short acting Adderall. I simply could focus better with the short acting. In the past I have not had success with other, completely different medications in XR form, either. Maybe something with the way I metabolize medication? Not really sure.

Although, now that I'm thinking about it I believe I had a low-ish dosage of XR (that should have had an effect on me at my size/weight) and when I tried the short acting at a low-ish dosage, I had to increase it several times before I felt much of anything (which is much higher than a typical dose for someone at my size/weight.) So I might need to try the XR again now, but at a higher dosage that is in line with the dosage I take for the short acting.

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Really? For some reason I never put two and two together that I'm cranky when my medicine is wearing off... Interesting. Thanks!

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My gf fucking hates me when I am coming off Adderall. I hate me too.

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Oh yes, feel ya there! I kinda hate me anytime I'm not on Adderall...

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I know this feeling... Time to play the which 8 hours will I like myself today game, my favorite.

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Haha! So, so true. Except I have a little more time of my good side using the short acting buuuut a larger come-down. Yay.

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I'm on short acting as well, 8 jut felt like a nice round number. At least we can suffer together.... Yay?

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Ooh, gotcha. Yes, we'll be suffering together! But not together together because that is a mess waiting to happen. Together apart, though!

At least this suffering is better than the suffering we (and anyone we come into contact with) would have to endure unmedicated! Yay, again..?

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Well I think I speak for both of us when I say now we just feel wonderful.

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It's just so strange. I'm not getting suicidal depression, but more of a "im going to lay on the floor until I starve to death".

No thank you to that.

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    10mg twice a day. I take the first around 8:30-9, second around 1:30... Depression starts in the evening.

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      Everyone's body reacts to medicines differently. You have to take into account their height and weight as well. I'm quite tall, not skinny and over 100kg and when I first started taking Adderall, 5-7.5mg once per day was more than enough for me. It took me 2-3 years to even get to where I could handle taking 20mg per day.

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      Everyone's body does react differently! :)

      I'm about 120 pounds (~54 kg) and I didn't feel any effect from short acting Adderall until I was at 10mg, 3 or 4 times a day. After a couple weeks I started taking 15mg, 3 or 4 times a day, which is the dosage I have been on for over a year now.

      I've only been jittery once, which happened about a month into my 15mg schedule when I had too much caffeine directly after taking a dosage. I avoided caffeine close to when I took my medicine for a while, but now I'm completely fine if I have them together.

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      I would get that when I was on Adderall. I think it's the Addy wearing off. I lightened up my dose and tried to make sure I didn't get super stressed when it was wearing off because that made it worse. Now I take break days as often as possible and try to do relaxing things (music, tv, deep breathing, talk with friends...) when I know I'm about to crash.

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      It's only been about a week and a half, and I already hate it. My Ritalin was working so well, but my blood pressure shot up.

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      Breathing exercises. I know it sounds cheesy, but they've helped me so much with remaining calm and not getting hot headed (a big problem when I'm medicated). It also helps calm me when I get frustrated when my meds start to wear off. It might help with the blood pressure thing.

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      Well the concerning part is that my bp has not gone down since quitting. Ritalin actually makes me less angry

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      Lannech is spot-on with it. When I started 15mg adderall, I had a few crashes that were nasty. It just takes time to get used to it and expect them.

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      Thats what i got when i tried vyvanse...

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      DUDE. same when i get home I want to just melt into a puddle. shit I should really talk to my doctor about my dosage...

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      Yeah, Still getting that really "Fuck, I'll just play computer and fuck everything else" feeling when my adderall wears off.

      And my ADD symptoms worsen 10x when it wears off, I literally become non functioning straight up retarded.

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      Do you mix Adderall with caffeine? For me, when I mix the two, I get terrible anxiety/stress/depression when they start to wear off that leads me to drink myself to sleep. Not a pleasant combo.

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      This actually makes so much sense! I've been taking adderall for almost a year now and the last couple of months I've really increased my caffeine intake in order to keep my energy rolling. And up until a couple of months ago the medication was working perfectly for me and life was so great. Ever since I started the caffeine increase (most likely the reason) my life has flipped to the complete opposite of great/productive. Don't have any motivation to do literally anything. When I'm not on the medication and it's time for my next dose, I'm even too lazy to take it again because all I really want to do is sleep. I'm going to make a drastic cut in my caffeine intake and cross my fingers that it's the reason for all this depression nonsense.

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      I'm glad I could hopefully help and good luck cutting down on the caffeine. I've known caffeine exacerbates issues for months now and I've yet to cut back :/

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      Does any of them make you not care? or angry?

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      When I started it, my doctor told me that it could magnify my depression. I wasn't really depressed at the time, but my psychiatrist knew that I'm prone to it, and that I had recently come out of a sad spell. She said it could take 4-6 weeks to wear off. I did get a little depressed, but it did wear off.

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      I've had the same problems try Focalin