How to Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

It’s far easier to avoid drugs or alcohol in the first place than to treat drug abuse after the fact. Educating young people on the dangers of alcohol and drug addiction is a good place to start. There are, however, several factors that can influence whether someone starts using drugs or alcohol, including:

drugs and alcoholStudies show that your genetic makeup plays a large part in whether or not you will become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Whereas some people can regularly drink or use drugs for years and not become addicted, others can develop an addiction after only one instance of use. If you have close family members, such as a parent, who suffer from addiction, it could be likely that you are prone to addiction issues as well. That being said, having a parent who is an addict is not a guaranteed indicator that you will also become an addict. It is simply a factor that increases the likelihood that addiction may also be an issue for you.

Genetics are not the only factor at play though. Access to and use of drugs or alcohol at a young age also increase the chances of addiction. Those who begin use at a younger age are more likely to be diagnosed with full-fledged addictions in their adult years. As a result, it is wise to educate adolescents on the dangers of use and encourage them to hold off on drinking until they are of age. Illegal activities, such as use of illicit or prescription drugs other than as prescribed, should be discouraged altogether.

In addition, those with mental health issues or severe low self-esteem are more likely to experiment with drugs or alcohol and ultimately end up addicted. People with certain mental health issues are advised to stay away from alcohol and drugs.

Ways to Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Unfortunately, simply vowing to avoid drugs or alcohol may not be enough to circumvent developing an addiction. While you may have the best intentions of never trying drugs or alcohol, things may not go according to plan. If you have developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s not a hopeless situation. Help is available.

To truly overcome dependence or substance abuse, you should seek the professional help found at an addiction treatment facility. In treatment, you will be able to get to the root causes behind your addiction and effectively address them so you can deal with temptation in the future, without turning back to drugs or alcohol.

A Sample of Treatment Programs Available:

  • Alcohol Rehab
  • Detox
  • Drug Rehab
  • Prescription Drug Detox
  • Prescription Rehab
  • Dual-Diagnosis
  • Eating Disorders
  • Group Therapy
  • Holistic Therapies
  • Individual Therapy
  • In-Patient Treatment
  • Intervention
  • Depression
  • Women’s Only Treatment

Get Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Today

Help for addiction is available from inpatient drug treatment centers, luxury facilities and outpatient centers. To find out which option is the best one for you or someone you care about, call our drug hotline at 1-888-575-9531. Another option to get help is to fill out our online form, and one of our representatives will contact you with more information.

No matter which choice you make, you will be provided with the facts you need to find a drug abuse rehab center near you. The first step in getting help for an addiction is to reach out and ask for it. Don’t wait. You don’t need to suffer any more when there are people waiting to hear from you who understand your situation. With the proper help, you can avoid alcohol and drugs in the future, and embrace a healthy, sober lifestyle.



Success Stories

I thought my addiction was going to destroy me. I was wrong because I found help. I cannot thank you enough."-David
A private, luxury environment made me feel safe and comfortable during this process. This was my BEST decision." - Mya