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Robot coke

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This would be a great band name

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I always say MPH is like coke without the fun. I always make an ass of myself talking a mile a minute and want to take more, but there's never that euphoric "big-dick badass" feeling you get with coke. I get a worse comedown from methylphenidate, too.

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I always heard it called kiddie coke.

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the comedown ain't anything but kiddie tho

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True that. Lasts for the rest of the day too.

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is that why that happens? ritalin fucks me up like that, it makes me so thin skinned- i'll be all narcissistic and confident and the smallest most subtle thing will destroy it and make me all depressed, maybe i should try switch to dexedrine

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Yep I got the same when coming down from MPH. Very common, read the Erowid reports, most say the comedown is bad even from moderate (prescription level) doses. In my experience dex comedowns can cause anxiety but once tolerance is built up this is only minor. It's definitely not anywhere near the same level as MPH. Any form of dex, whether it's plain dexamphetamine or lisdexamphetamine (Vyvanse) should be a lot cleaner. Those two are pretty much the same drug, btw, except Vyv has a lysine molecule added which has to be removed in the stomach before it's metabolised into dexamphetamine, and because this happens slowly it lasts longer and that's how its time release works. Also means you have to swallow it, so prevents people snorting the stuff, which I'm pretty sure is another big reason doctors prefer it to other amphetamine meds.

I'm on it right now so if I'm babbling that's why.

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Having tried both, I'd say switching to dex will probably fix it. I always got so depressed on ritalin, literally to the point of randomly crying, but with dex I've never had anything more than a slight jitteryness

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Dude Ritalin is hell, and imo so is adderall. I've been on adhd mess since I was 10. Those two are the worst. All of the come down effects make life terrible and would make me hate the world. Either talk to your doctor, if prescribed, or whoever you go to for vyvanse. Vyvanse has a different pattern of release that isn't a quick peak with a sharp fall. Rather it's a medium speed build to a gradual come down. Doesn't effect appetite as harshly and I've never felt better. Side note: vyvanse + blunted = bliss.

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vyvanse + blunted = bliss.

True dat.

Also mixes surprisingly well with benzos. I would have thought the benzos would kill the stim, but they just kind of make it softer, and they help if the comedown makes me feel especially anxious, although that's rare now I've been scripted it for a while and have tolerance.

It definitely effects my appetite though, but not as much as it used to. The appetite suppressant effects seem to reduce noticeably as tolerance develops. But I still have a mindset with food where I can take it or leave it, which helped me stopped snacking. But for actual meals I still smell the food and want to eat, then once I actually start eating I become hungry and like normal and nom that shit up.

Fuck I am rambling so much, you can tell it works can't ya?

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I don't live in the US where adhd is a well-studied condition. Ritalin is pretty much the only legal stimulant available over here.

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What country are you in? Vyvanse is marketed as Elvanse in most countries outside the US and should be available because the fact the time release can't be bypassed and it can't be snorted etc makes it less abusable, unlike traditional amphetamine meds which are basically just pure versions of their street counterparts.

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The insane roller-coaster of Ritalin is why I prefer Focalin. Ritalin just throws you off a cliff when it's done with you; Focalin gently sets you down.

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It's kinda the same with dexedrine and adderall. Focalin is methylphenidate btw, it's just not a mix of l and d.

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Yep. The d-isomer of methylphenidate is one of my favorite drugs. :)

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Ritalin is pretty similar to Focalin, like, identical in mental effects. Ritalin is my favorite stimulant by far (probably the same with focalin if I tried it), it just makes my heart rate go up really high which I don't like. The heart rate stuff is probably due to the mix of l-methyl and d-methyl. L isomers of stimulants are usually more of the physical side, it's the same with meth and amp.

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I may ask my doctor about Focalin. With racemic methylphenidate I had a good, consistent effect, followed by a nightmarish crash. Now I take Dexedrine and it works extrenely well, but I seem to be up and down a lot throughout the day, and sometimes get pretty unstable, then get a more subtle crash. Not to mention my amphetamine tolerance climbs faster than any other tolerance I've experienced.

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I definitely notice more tolerance with amphetamines. If I keep my Focalin use to 3-4 times a week I don't notice any tolerance. If Ritalin treats you well, sans the crash, I'd highly recommend asking about Focalin. At worst, it won't work well for you; at best, you'll take over the world. :)

I sure wish I could still get my script for it.

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Worst come downs of my life have been from Focalin

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The high from Focalin was a lot better than Ritalin imo, but the comedown a lot worse. The comedown from Ritalin was non existent for me.

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Honestly Focalin come downs are the reason I don't fuck with stims anymore lol. I just remember being extremely sinuous for hours on end and not being able to sleep and just generally feeling like complete and total shit

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Yeah I couldn't do Focalin without a benzo

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Yep I got the same from methylphenidate. The comedown is fucking terrible. Since you're prescribed tell your doctor the crashes are really bad and they'll probably put you on an amphetamine med instead.

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I've been using methylphenidate on/off for the past 6 years. as i never thought of it as a drug when i was younger i never felt any of these effects. Nowadays i don't agree what most people say about the comedown. personally i've a great focus and the comedown just leaves me a bit foggy/tired in my brain which i can relax really easily on. adjusting to it's tempo, a calmer music genre and watch some videos.

When i start using doses around 130mg + on a day it'sa whole different story but still not as bad of what i hear.

Nowadays i just use around 15 - 30 mg for a dose twice a day and feel great.

Just ignore this story if you like i felt like typing nonsense suddenly.

On the other hand a lot of drugs that have anything to do with 5-HT release gives me anxiety for the next 2 weeks.

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I don't get comedowns from normal use of methylphenidate for add, it just makes me unable to do anything remotely social. But the comedown when i abuse it for a night out? Soul crushing.

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If I am by myself I can enter the shittiest emotional state on stimulants sometimes. With coke not so much, which is why I usually just do some blow if I'm using an upper. I love me some coco :)