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If you need to eat, I always recommend blended fruit and veggie packs that you can get at the grocery store! If not that just plain ol' applesauce is good. It's easy on the stomach, gives you fiber so you can go when you need to, and you're eating moderately healthy with that snack. Yogurt is also good for you in this case.

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Everyone's different but IMO it's best to avoid acidic foods while taking stimulants. If you're crashing towards the end of the day applesauce, fruit, and yogurt will only make things worse.

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In that case, if acidic foods bother someone they could always go for a bowl of mashed potatoes, a bowl of oatmeal, or even a bowl of grits. Soft foods that cushion the stomach without the harsh acidity there!

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Mash potatoes are a good alternative. The problem isn't so much about causing an upset stomach as it is about decreasing the effectiveness of the meds.

Acidic foods lower the potency while alkaline ones increase it. You can try this out by eating some Tums with your Adderall, it basically feels like you've doubled your dosage.

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Can't go wrong with fruits and veggies.

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Intuniv another adhd medication but a non stimulant which can be combined with stimulants reduces the severity of the crash but does not eliminate it. Intuniv also helps your adhd and has some anti anxiety effects.

Exercise within an hour of the usual crash for 30 serious minutes can remove the crash as well as make you more effective at treating your adhd overall even in the morning if you do it seriously every day for several weeks.

Being well hydrated and having a good blood sugar can reduce the servity of the crash. When you do not have a good blood sugar or you are dehydrated the crash is much worse.

Make sure you are getting all your vitamins and minerals. Often you are low on magnesium and several other essential nutrients, especially since stimulants cause your body to use your magnesium faster due to the stimulating nature of the drugs.

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    You should really just eat a big meal and then get some exercise to break up the zombie-mode feelings.

    For sleeping, another thread recommended 50mg zinc, 100mg magnesium, and however much melatonin you prefer-- I found that it works great. Also avoid sedentary but mentally hyper stimulating activities before bed (aka video games) as it will make you wide awake but not use your physical energy.

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    I like to eat snack bars because they're not huge meals and are quite delicious. My personal favorite are LARA bars because they also have 200+ calories which will keep me fuller a bit longer and help mitigate crash symptoms. They're also great because they're individually wrapped so you can carry them places and not have to worry about refrigeration.

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    Cup of coffee?

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    I have discovered Arnold Palmer is the God of comedown drinks. -Lightly caffeinated -keeps you hydrated -has a reasonable amount of vitamin C -acidic -sugar

    It has everything one needs to help with a comedown. I drink 2-3 small cans every day.

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    I just had to look that up because I had no idea what you were talking about.

    For anyone else like me, it's iced tea and lemonade.

    It's much cheaper to make at home, and you can change the ratios. I would make a whole bunch of tea all at once, let it cool, refrigerate it, then mix it with either squeezed lemon juice or lemonade, and cane sugar to taste.

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    Yeah it is cheaper to make it at home, but my dad picks it up bulk at Costco in 40 cans per package. You can also buy it in powder mix that will make a few liters at a time.

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    You could also argue that real tea, lemons and cane sugar are healthier than powdered drink mix from concentrate with preservatives, especially multiple times a day, but I'll let people decide for themselves.

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    This is true. It's completely up to the person drinking.

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    Kava works wonders, hasn't let me down yet.

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    Do not mix Kava with amphetamines since kava is a mao inhibitor and you should not be on any mao inhibitor when on amphetamines.

    You should talk to your doctor on being on kava if you are on any other adhd meds like methylphenidate. Kava even though it is natural is a serious drug. I wish more study is done on it due to its anti anxiety effects.

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    Any source for this?

    The consensus from actual doctors suggests it's only potentially bad to mix these things together at the same time, but taking Adderall during the day and Kava at night (on the come down) is perfectly ok.

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    Any source for this?

    Literally the medication guide for Adderall and other amphetamines.



    ADDERALL XR should not be taken if you or your child:

    • • have heart disease or hardening of the arteries

    • • have moderate to severe high blood pressure

    • • have hyperthyroidism

    • • have an eye problem called glaucoma

    • • are very anxious, tense, or agitated

    • • have a history of drug abuse

    • are taking or have taken within the past 14 days an anti-depression medicine called a monoamine oxidase inhibitor or MAOI.

    • • is sensitive to, allergic to, or had a reaction to other stimulant medicines  

    Your doctor will decide whether ADDERALL XR can be taken with other medicines.

    Especially tell your doctor if you or your child takes:

    • • anti-depression medicines including MAOIs

    • • anti-psychotic medicines

    • • lithium

    • • narcotic pain medicines

    • • seizure medicines

    • • blood thinner medicines

    • • blood pressure medicines

    • • stomach acid medicines

    • • cold or allergy medicines that contain decongestants



    This is the professional information from Adderall's drug packet


    • Advanced arteriosclerosis, symptomatic cardiovascular disease, moderate to severe hypertension, hyperthyroidism, known hypersensitivity or idiosyncrasy to the sympathomimetic amines, glaucoma.

    • Agitated states.

    • Patients with a history of drug abuse.

    • During or within 14 days following the administration of monoamine oxidase inhibitors (hypertensive crises may result).

    • Drug Interactions

    MAO Inhibitors

    • MAOI antidepressants, as well as a metabolite of furazolidone, slow amphetamine metabolism. This slowing potentiates amphetamines, increasing their effect on the release of norepinephrine and other monoamines from adrenergic nerve endings; this can cause headaches and other signs of hypertensive crisis. A variety of neurological toxic effects and malignant hyperpyrexia can occur, sometimes with fatal results.




    Such substances that can react with MAOIs include:

    • Phenethylamines: 2C-B, Mescaline, Phenethylamine (PEA), etc

    • Amphetamines Amphetamine, MDMA, Dextroamphetamine, Methamphetamine, DOM   See followup post on why these warnings are put on Amphetamines and MAO Inhibitors.

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    So your body has MAO A and MAO B for neurotransmitters in too high of quantities in specific body and brain areas are toxic. This includes dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and the trace amines such as the Phenethylamines compounds. Amphetamine is a modified form of Phenethylamine, which is your body's natural amphetamine. Your body releases phenethylamine during specific triggers such as exercise to cause the purposeful release of dopamine and norepinephrine. Phenethylamine is also released when your body experiences many positive sensory or emotional experiences. Whenever you have an intense emotion which is "useful" in its intensity most likely it is caused by the release of Phenethylamine for a brief period, and then the other neurotransmitters that Phenethylamine causes the release of is the feeling that lasts longer than a few seconds. Aka the electric touch of you being in puppy love with your hear fluttering, the intital intensity of a few seconds is phenethylamine, the rest is the after effects where phenethylamine causes the release of other neurotransmitters.

    Phenethylamine in the area of the neuron that is inside the neuron and not the synaptic vesicles only lasts 30 seconds for MAO breaks it down to protect very important cellular structures the main one is the cell's energy factory called mitochondria. If a single neurotransmitter gets too close to the mitochondria and there is not enough MAO to prevent it, it steals an electron from the mitochondria which then causes a chain reactions for that atom tries to steal an electron from its neighbors. This is called oxidation, aka the stuff antioxidants are supposed to prevent but in this specific area of the body it is MAO that plays this important role wikipedia on oxidative stress. If a chain reaction occurs, your body purposefully releases chemicals that purposefully cause that cell to specifically self destruct in a fashion so it can't spread to nearby neurons, or mutate in a way that cancer is a possibility, wikipedia on preprogramed cell death called Apoptosis.

    But too much MAO-A or MAO-B is bad for it means your body destroys neurotransmitters too fast, faster than your body can make them. This can lead to anxiety or depression.

    Amphetamine is a modified form of Phenethylamine. The difference between Phenethylamine vs Amphetamine is a couple of atoms that makes it harder but not impossible for Amphetamine to be broken down by MAO-A and MAO-B. Thus you want to be really really careful with anything that inhibits MAO-A or MAO-B when you are using a substance that acts like Phenethylamine but is much harder for your body to stop. Thus with amphetamines you actually need more MAO-A or MAO-B to be in the safe zone.

    Effectively your body is a big huge chemcial reaction, that consists of trillions of chemical reactions per second. Your body has to keep everything in balance, causing a purposeful imbalance of just a little to cause change such as the conduction of electrical discharge via nerve cells, but make sure that imbalance does not threaten the system.



    How your nerve cells work on a simplistic level is this. Your neurotransmitters should be in one of three places at all times.

    1) In synaptic vesicles storage closets inside the nerve when the neurotransmitters are not supposed to be used.

    2) The synaptic vesicles are sent to the end of the cell membrane and forced out of the original nerve cell and into the space between two nerve cells, this space is called the synapse, the original nerve cell is the presynapse, and the receiving nerve cell is the post synapse. The post synaptic receptors when turned on by neurotransmitters such as dopamine tell the cell to do things, as well as getting their synaptic vesicles read to fire. It also tells the cell to change stuff inside the cell to increase the electrical conductivity between the original and receiving nerve cell and then their is an electrical arc which cause the 2nd nerve cell to release its neurotransmitters from the synaptic vesicle to talk to the third nerve cell.

    3) The neurotransmitters are "stopped being released" by little neurotransmitter indicators called presynaptic receptors, they are in the space between two nerve cells and are on the firing nerve cell to indicate the current amount of neurotransmitters between these two nerve cells and once the desired stimulation occurs to stop releasing even more. At the same time reuptake transporters suck back up the neurotransmitters in the space between the nerve cells and the neurotransmitters are now inside the nerve cell but not inside the synaptic vesicles yet. This is the time that they can damage very important things. Thus your body uses its synaptic vesicles and the VMAT2 reuptake transporters on those little storage closets that look like orbs and place the neurotransmitters back into storage so they can't damage anything.



    So amphetamine has many ways it works, but the end results is that it increases dopamine and norepinephrine both between the two nerve cells within the synapse but it also increases dopamine and norepinephrine inside the nerve cell but not inside the synaptic vesicles, this is because the amphetamine is instead placed in the synaptic vesicles by design, for amphetamine is very similar to phenethylamine and phenethylamine is done by designed to be inside the synaptic vesicles first, and dopamine and norepinephrine are less important in the synaptic vesicles compared to phenethylamine. This is because phenethylamine is more toxic than dopamine and norepinephrine and thus your body purposefully puts the most toxic thing inside the synaptic vesicles.

    Now your body has a second defense mechanism to protect essential cellular parts from being damaged from neurotransmitters. It has a specific receptor inside the nerve cells called the trace amine receptor, receptors that are turned on by phenethylamine as well as amphetamine and rarely turned on by dopamine and norepinephrine. Wikipedia on TAAR1 When your phenthylamine level is very high inside the nerve cell but not in the synaptic vessicles, it turns on a warning switch that tells your nerve that you have way too many toxic phethylamine inside the nerve cell and it can damage stuff if MAO can't keep up. Thus your body actually reverses the direction of the dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake transporters so instead of sucking neurotransmitters inside the nerve cell they flush the contents of the neurotransmitters into the synapse so you have less possibly dangerous neurotransmitters that can damage things. It is like playing a tower defense game and you have too many enemies near the castle gate, thus you have a special item that has limited charges which you use when enemies are way too close that destroys all the enemies temporarily and they have to regather their numbers to be threatening. Well by flushing the neurotransmitters out you are very likely to activate the next nerve cell in the line for if enough neurotransmitters are released it triggers the next nerve cell. Thus how lightly or heavily you activate TAAR1 makes a big difference and this is why amphetamines can be very addictive if used at too high of doses or if you smoke or inhale them which causes the nerve cells to absorb the artificial phenethylamine all at once which activates this TAAR1 not just occasionally but very heavily.

    At the same time remember those presynaptic receptors that monitor those neurotransmitters. There are 3 versions of the DRD2 receptor, 1 is a postsynaptic receptor that sends the next nerve cell in line, another is a presynaptic receptor that monitors the levels of neurotransmitters. Your body has these presynaptic receptors to turn off the release of neurotransmitters. Your body also can form combination presynaptic receptors with TAAR1 and the DRD2 (short aka presynaptic receptor) and these receptors are much more sensitive than DRD2 short presynaptic by itself. (Combination receptors are known as heterodimers) Thus having these DRD2+TAAR1 combination receptors on the outside of the nerve cell on the synapse actually prevent the over release of dopamine by telling your body to stop releasing dopamine from the synaptic vesicles unless the TAAR1 inside the nerve cell tells it to activate. Literally it is a push and pull system that forms a complete cycle, a circle to keep everything balanced. We now know via purposefully modifying the TAAR1 gene in rodents that if you are lacking it you are going to get a rat which becomes super hyperactive via amphetamine or meth, but give it to a rat that has the correct genes in the right amount and you calm it down. We also having evidence that taar1 activating drugs not necessary amphetamines but others have benefits in treating schizophrenia and various forms of addiction. How you activate TAAR1 causes excess release or prevents over release of neurotransmitters.

    See followup post for reddit says it is too long for 1 reply

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    Methylphenidate is different, when methylphenidate works it increases dopamine and norepinephrine in the synapse but actually lowers it inside the nerve cell but not in the synaptic vesicle. This is because it is a reuptake inhibitor of the reuptake transporters on the outside of the nerve cell which gives the reuptake transporters called VMAT2 which is on the synaptic vesicles more time to suck up neurotransmitters when they actually do enter the nerve cell. It is like shooting fish in a barrel.



    Now when MAO is removed it takes 2 weeks for your body to create new MAO this is why there is a wash out period of 2 weeks for when you are supposed to start an amphetamine and MAO.


    Now KAVA via MAO can also cause too much serotonin since MAO mostly A but to some extent B deactivates serotonin and too much serotonin causes your body to overheat and have fevers (the hyperpyrexia they were talking about). And the hypertensive crisis is just way too high blood pressure for your body may not be regulating its neurotransmitters as much as it should.



    This is not to say that amphetamine+kava is inherently always dangerous, just that it can be and thus you should be talking to your doctor about it. Everyone's body is different and there may be an acceptable dose that is benefits and not side effects. But too high of dose and bad things can happen. In some people your body makes too much of 1 chemical or enzyme vs another, so you lowering the enzyme may be okay, but too much lowering can be bad.

    Your doctor should be involved with any drug that has interactions and Kava is a specific drug that has interactions with amphetamine.



    I personally think that Kava is a wonderful medicine / herb and it needs more research for I believe it can help people, but I recognize this wonderful medicine can be sometimes dangerous in some situations but in other times it is a miracle maker. Your doctor is better at judging and advising you on how to use it vs the side of the bottle or what the internet tells you.

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    How do you use it?

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    I take a kava capsule that I buy at Vitamin Shoppe, it's like $8 for a bottle of them. I just take 1-2 to come down, works perfectly. I seriously recommend it, great for XR and IR comedowns and it's totally natural.

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    Im reading about it, and I think this might be the ticket. I used to be prescribed 4 Xanax a day, which caused me to become an addict. After quitting a year or so ago, I'm always looking for something non addictive to relax me. Definitely going to try this! Thanks!

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    Talk to your doctor about it. It has many anti anxiety effects for it has activity on the gaba receptor just like xanax yet it is different with many other effects. Even though it is a herb it is a drug.

    It is good as a anti anxiety and sleep aid but it also has many drug interactions.

    It is definitely something you should look into but you need to talk to your doctor about it.

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    You're welcome!

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    As a relatively wise person who did a bit of that book learnin', it sounds like you should seriously listen to /u/roland00 's advice...

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    Gotta trust the science!

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    What is Kava, for non Americans?

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    Is Kava not available or common outside America? I've heard its fairly popular as a tea.

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    Boosters later in the day help. Nicotine for when it starts to wear off replenishes your dopamine levels, along with excercise. Eating well in general will help, make sure you drink enough water and get enough protein. Relaxing bedtime routines that maybe incorporate meditation or mindfulness will reduce any anxiety that you may experience, as well as help ya relax. Best of luck!

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    ^ this!

    Drinking lots of water and vaping very low-nicotine liquid (1.0mg/ml max) has helped me manage the craashes quite well, despite not being a nicotine user through the day at all.