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Asli Theobald, M.S.
Asli Theobald, M.S.

I am a 46-year-old information system’s analyst with a Master’s Degree. Since I was 21 years old, I have analyzed the operations of countless organizations, companies and factories. My training and experience has taught me how to best identify the shortcomings or flaws of any type of operation or procedure and decide on the most effective improvements. For the last three years, I have been applying my experience to rigorously analyze the shortcomings of the present medical system while evaluating the actual safety, efficacy and approval process of ADHD medications. I have been amazed to uncover outrageously fraudulent marketing efforts, deliberate gross negligence and blatant misrepresentations. Piles of junk-science have been used to support the baseless theory that ADHD drugs work differently for ADHD suffers, paradoxically benefiting them by safely normalizing their neurotransmitter levels. Recent peer-reviewed long-term studies have repeatedly disproved this theory for which there was never any legitimate supporting evidence to begin with. These unbiased long-term studies have repeatedly demonstrated that ADHD drugs harm those diagnosed in exactly the same way as they harm healthy individuals, beginning to destroy everybody’s life after about two years.

Although I have an MS in Computer Science, my second passion in life has always been journalism. Over the years, I have had numerous articles published in Turkish newspapers and magazines such as Ekonomi and Ege’de Son Soz. Most of these articles have raised awareness of fraudulent or inadequate government policies. My most popular article was on the consequences of allowing the sale of antibiotics over the counter in Turkey. This book is my first publication in English.

Both my work as an information analyst and journalist may demonstrate my love of piecing together scattered bits of information like a jigsaw puzzle, letting the big picture become visible. My passion for doing this has repeatedly taught me that some things are very different than what they initially appear to be. I hope that my book may convey the value of thinking for oneself at all times and never failing do one’s own fact-checking.

Organizing the information in this book required hard work – perhaps the hardest I have ever done. I hope and pray that my book and others like it can help improve the situation or at least help one person at a time.

I plan on writing two more books, one on the corruption in the U.S. government which exposes many issues as bad as helping sell harmful medications. My other book will probably turn out very different, and may be a spiritual book about my search for the Ultimate Truth in my ultimate yearning to see the largest picture.

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