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Please provide your information and type your story below if you or your family has suffered damages or death caused by any psychiatric drug including ADHD medications. Please describe what convinced you to start taking medication. Do you feel you have been deliberately misled or that your right to informed consent was violated? If so, how, and by which misleading information sources, organizations or experts?

If you wish to file a consumer fraud lawsuit or join possible class action suits, you can request suggestions about which law firms are most familiar with the fraudulent practices of the drug industry and know the latest research findings about psychiatric drug side effects. Using such law firms with a good record of winning against the pharmaceutical industry may get you the best representation.

If you'd like your story to be posted on my blog, please let me know if I can publish it. Let me know if I should include your full name or only initials if you'd like your story posted. If you'd prefer privacy and are interested in seeking compensation, I would only share your story with lawyers who will keep everything confidential. You may receive feedback if a lawyer feels you have a case (your damages must be well documented).