Below Are Some Of The Questions This Book Answers

Many Doctors Say That ADHD Drugs are Safe and Effective. How Can It Be Otherwise?

This book’s cached electronic references allow readers to verify the extent that doctors are educated by the drug companies.

Does an ADHD Child Need Medication for a Neuro-developmental Brain Disease like a Diabetic Needs Insulin?

Learn if ADHD is a real disease and whether ADHD people are "normalized" with medication.

What are Some of the Consequence of Disrupting the Brain's Chemical Equilibrium with ADHD Medications?

See the real science versus the drug company funded and promoted pseudo-science.

Are ADHD Drugs Really Safe When Used Under Doctor Supervision?

Find out exactly how addictive ADHD medications are, and that you should be very worried about their abuse potential.

Should "Smart Drugs" Be Used Short-Term to Help Accomplish Difficult Goals?

See how much damage has been demonstrated in the brains of people who stayed on ADHD medications for one year.

Can Antidepressants “Treat” the Inability to Feel Pleasure and Motivation Caused by the Long-term Use of ADHD Medications?

Read about the pile of scientific evidence that has accumulated about the intolerable adverse effects of antidepressants including increased suicide risks. See how fraud has allowed such harmful and ineffective drugs to remain on the market.

Why are the Laws not Strengthened to Stop the Fraudulent Marketing of Medications?

The government, federal authorities and the FDA have been compromised to favor the drug industry's interests. This is not a conspiracy theory, saved references of congressional and reporter investigations back up every statement.

Are There Any Well Researched Drug-free Alternatives to Eliminating ADHD Symptoms and Improving Cognition?

Several alternative approaches seem to work more effectively and faster than classic talk therapy. The benefits of one of these approaches seem to have been demonstrated with more than 380 published peer-reviewed research studies. Read more...