The extent of the heinous efforts of the masterminds of the Great Reset and their collusion with the treasonous Biden White House

What, exactly, is the Great Reset, and is it really happening?

For the immediate answer, please listen to this brief, viral 2002 clip of investigative journalist Alex Jones recorded way back 10 years ago, featuring Jones predict, with incredible accuracy, just about everything that has unfolded within just a decade. Jones had warned the world 10 years ago:

"And yes today, in 2002, there is a tyrannical organization, calling itself the New World Order, pushing for worldwide government, a cashless society, open borders, total and complete tyranny, where human beings are absolutely worthless. There are six and a quarter plus billion of us, and the globalists have said it many times, there's too many of us, we're causing a problem, we need to be culled at the tune of 80%. It's amazing to talk about that, but it's in the globalists' — in their own public statements. They've convinced a lot of liberals and elitist conservatives and others that by going along with this, we're intelligent members of society. It's the ultimate Mohist world view. It's this radical, virulent form of social Darwinism, it's the excuse of tyrants. And by creating open borders where there's no national sovereignty and only global bodies that control all the resources, by centralizing and socializing healthcare, the state becomes God, basically, when it comes to your health. And then by releasing diseases and viruses and plagues upon us, we then, basically get showed into their system."

Which idiot can still deny the reality of the fact that the Great Reset is an insidious takeover of world governments, aided by endless "health" regulations in a world being filled with lab-engineered pandemic pathogens created in Fauci's global network of biolabs? The Great Reset is being masterminded by the world's richest billionaires in partnership with China as my investigations have revealed. It will conclude if the masterminds of Globalism can make U.S.'s compromised president and his equally corrupt Pentagon destroy America and Russia by bleeding them out in an endless proxy war as described here.

Further details about the Great Reset are articulately expounded in Alex Jones's book on it, which spells out all of its actors including insane billionaire Claus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. Jones' book exposes the depopulation agenda of the globalists who believe in "saving" the earth by killing off the "unnecessary" people overcrowding it.

This article adds my perspective on how a cabal of billionaires and the puppet government they've brought into power are operating and preventing the truth you've just read from spreading.


The plotting of the pandemic by U.S. officials working for the Rockefeller and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations

“Vaccines are one of the best investments that we can make in the future,” Bill Gates has told, states the May 2011 Reuters article titled "Gates Says Vaccine Investment Offers Best Returns." This article declares that "The Gates Foundation spends about $2 billion in grants each year for global health programs to tackle AIDS, malaria and other diseases, funding both research and delivery of medicines." At least since 2010, Gates has been extremely cozy with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to the White House, reveals a press release posted on the website of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This press release announces the 'Decade of Vaccines Collaboration' formed on January 2010 between Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Fauci's NIAID, the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, to "increase coordination across the international vaccine community and create a Global Vaccine Action Plan." Scrolling down the page reveals that the Decade of Vaccines Collaboration's Leadership Council includes Fauci.

To see the fruit of letting a White House advisor like Fauci collude with private vested interests, please listen to this 2019 footage featuring Fauci and HHS officials caught on tape pre-planning the Covid-19 pandemic, to be able to sell to the whole world their new mRNA vaccines. This October 2019 video was recorded just a few months before the pandemic was officially announced when the China virus was released in late 2019. This is absolutely real, please do listen to all of this very important  brief footage featuring Fauci and his colleagues discuss, in their own words, how to circumvent the regular procedures and conventional testing requirements they'd have to go through before they could release their new mRNA vaccines. The conventional route could take at least 10 years, says Fauci in the clip, suggesting a "disruptive" and "iterative way" of avoiding having to wait by changing how the world perceives influenza. HHS officials then suggest "blowing up the system" with the "virus from China" to enforce universal mRNA vaccinations. Here are the exact worlds of Rockefeller Foundation member Dr. Rick Bright, director of HHS's office called Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) from 2016 to 2020, who has said:

"There might be a need, or even an  urgent call, for an entity of excitement out there that's completely disruptive, that's not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes. [...] It is not too crazy to think, that an outbreak of a novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere, we could get the RNA sequence from that, beam it to a number of regional centers, if not local, if not even in your home at some point, and print those vaccines on a patch and self-administer."

Why had Dr. Rick Bright, who's currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Pandemic Prevention Institute (PPI) at The Rockefeller Foundation, been allowed to become a U.S. government official in the first place, in a government which had also allowed Fauci to collaborate with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?

The world had been warned years ago about what to expect by the authors of 2 papers which need to be studied by those whose job is to fix the legislature to stop the Great Reset. One of these papers is that of a such a major 2014 study titled "Philanthrocapitalism Past and Present: The Rockefeller Foundation, the Gates Foundation and the Setting(s) of the International/Global Health Agenda." This paper states in its abstract:

"In recent years the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has emerged as this era's most renowned, and arguably its most influential, global health player. A century ago, the Rockefeller Foundation—likewise founded by the richest, most ruthless and innovative capitalist of his day—was an even more powerful international health actor. This article reflects critically on the roots, exigencies, and reach of global health philanthropy [...]

The Gates Foundation's pervasive influence is nonetheless of grave concern both to democratic global health governance and to scientific independence — and urges scientists to play a role in contesting and identifying alternatives to global health philanthrocapitalism."

The nature of Rockefeller and Gates' "philanthropism" is further described in a major German study whose paper's abstract summarizes:

"Through the sheer size of their grant-making, personal networking and active advocacy, large global foundations, most notably the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have played an increasingly active role in shaping the agenda-setting and funding priorities of international organizations and governments."

Study authors conclude that "a thorough assessment of the impacts and side effects of philanthropic engagement is necessary." 

A May 4, 2017 article by Politico reveals the mind-blowing extent of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's role in setting the agenda and funding priorities of international organizations and governments. This article titled “Meet the World’s Most Powerful Doctor: Bill Gates,” states:

"Some billionaires are satisfied with buying themselves an island. Bill Gates got a United Nations health agency in Geneva. Over the past decade, the world’s richest man has become the World Health Organization’s second biggest donor, second only to the United States and just above the United Kingdom.”

The same Politico article adds, "The result, say his critics, is that Gates’ priorities have become the WHO’s." The article further states, "Few people dare to openly criticize what he [Gates] does. Most of 16 people interviewed on the topic would only do so on the condition of anonymity."


The booming "disinformation industry" created to bring on the Great Reset

"Conspiracy theories falsely linking Gates to the coronavirus’ origins in some way or another were mentioned 1.2 million times on television or social media from February to April," reports CNBC. This was determined in an analysis by The New York Times and Zignal Labs. But Gates has succeeded at eradicating his problem by helping organize the gargantuan international censorship network described below, aimed at purging the World Wide Web of "disinformation."

As the pen is mightier than the sword, there can be no bigger weapon of mass destruction than the deceptive narratives of those who stifle free debate platforms and control the flow of the information the world hears and sees. Not surprisingly, the masters of globalism have put their best effort into this.

The mass-censorship of online platforms and the cancel culture has been eased in using the "excuse" of the "necessity" of removing pandemic-related "misinformation" back in 2020. The scope of the censorship quickly expanded to include all political dissent.

The censorship began around March 2020 when Gates' Microsoft partnered with other tech giants Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn and Reddit, releasing a joint statement announcing they were "jointly combating fraud and misinformation about the virus, elevating authoritative content on our platforms, and sharing critical updates in coordination with government health care agencies around the world." The unconstitutional era of the worldwide suppression of the truth had began, masterminded by a privilaged cabal which had bestowed upon itself the supreme status of being the only united voice everyone else heard online, to lead the world wherever it wanted to. The tech giants' "coordination with government health care agencies" announced in their joint statement rapidly expanded to include not only government healthcare agencies but also the DHS, FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Science and Technology Directorate and the Secret Service, as will shortly be elaborated.

The cabal members didn't stay limited to the tech billionaires. "We invite other companies to join us as we work to keep our communities healthy and safe," the tech tycoons had said in their 2020 joint statement. Other billionaires such as the founders Airbnb and PayPal took the invitation, helping cancel and punish "disinformation" spreaders.

The world's ultimately prestigious "club" of wealthiest elites, who'd seized the power to control what everyone else can know and think, poured their endless millions into developing a worldwide network of supposedly third party "fact checkers." Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg first announced the extent of this network in a post he wrote when they were still pretending to only censor medical "misinformation." Zuckerberg wrote in his post:

“We continue to work with our network of over 55 fact-checking partners covering over 45 languages to debunk these claims. To support the global fact-checking community’s work on COVID-19, we partnered with the Independent Fact-Checking Network to launch a 1 million grant program to increase their capacity during this time.”

This $1 million grant to enhance the Independent Fact-Checking Network was definitely not the only funding provided to grow and expand the narcissistic billionaires' global web of thought police. An article on Google’s own blog states that Google had provided “$6.5 million in funding to fact-checkers and nonprofits fighting misinformation around the world.” This article explained how this money was to be used to further expand and grow the numerous fact-checking projects spawned in numerous countries worldwide. This Google article first mentions Google's support for a big nonprofit called First Draft which utilizes its extensive CrossCheck network to "address escalating content that is causing confusion and harm." Scrolling down the 'About' page of the FirstDraft project's website reveals the "Impact Reports" the nonprofit has published, revealing the way the non-profit's goal was definitely not limited to the removal of medical disinformation. Election interference was one of the top priorities. For example, First Draft's 4th quarter "Impact Report" for 2020 states:

"For over a year, we have been delivering pioneering live simulations of disinformation scenarios focused on elections, preparing everyone from up-and coming journalists to seasoned editors, as well as researchers and platform teams, on what — and what not — to do when faced with an unfolding information crisis. Over 1,000 influential people have learned from our 25 simulations."

First Draft's 2021's second quarter Impact Report states:

"Attention was firmly focused on the United States in the first weeks of the year, as the nation grappled with the repeated, rampant and false denial of the legitimacy of election results. But as the United States increasingly exports disinformation claims and tactics around the world, while vaccine misinformation floods every continent, an international perspective has never been more critical."

The same Impact Report lists which media organizations the nonprofit had been able to steer in the "right direction," stating, "And our work continued to engage audiences with features and insights in Wired, Marie Claire, BBC, Vice and The Economist." The report contains a link to 'Vaccine Insight Reports' which provide "analysis of the key themes, trends, threats, narratives and data deficits related to vaccine misinformation." FirstDraft even has a "Vaccine Insights Hub" and "Vaccine Insights Newsletter."

Google's article on their $6.6 million grant to the "fact checkers" announces the company's support for not just First Draft but numerous similar projects which had developed their own worldwide censorship and narrative control networks. One of these is "LatamChequea, coordinated by Chequeado," says Google, which is "providing a single hub to highlight the work of 21 fact-checking organizations across 15 countries in the Spanish-speaking world and Latin America." "In Germany, CORRECTIV will step up its efforts to engage citizens in the fight against misinformation," Google says, adding that "Full Fact and will coordinate efforts in Europe [...] to amplify experts, share trends, and help reduce the spread of harmful false information." This Google article mentioning many additional fact-checker networks includes the paragraph:

"The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) continues to advocate for fact-checkers worldwide; our renewed support will boost their efforts to uphold best practices in the fact-checking field and showcase the work of the CoronaVirusFacts alliance. In addition, Science Feedback will conduct a network analysis using the hundreds of COVID-19 fact checks published globally to track the spread of related misinformation."

Such is the extent of the incredible proliferation of the worldwide propaganda networks that have mushroomed since the release of the SARS-CoV-2 bioweapon, supported by the endless funds of the lunatics wanting to hide their atrocities in trying to rule the world. Glen Greenwald calls this the new "disinformation industry" in his articles further exposing the extent and rapid growth of this malignant new industry type.

Due to the "success" of the booming disinformation industry, it fails to create an outcry even when Boston University genetically engineers, in their lab, a much deadlier COVID-19 strain. The worldwide networks of the disinformation industry are responsible for why few people have heard of the way the former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance has hired an attorney, alleging that SARS-CoV-2 was created by EcoHealth Alliance. The new and prosperous disinformation industry is responsible for the way most people have never seen the disturbing video of Dr. Francis Boyle, professor of international law who had drafted the U.S. Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 signed into law by George H.W. Bush, explain the way Americans are sleepwalking into a nuclear world War III. The ever-growing networks of the disinformation industry is the reason why it never went viral even when a video footage from 2019 featuring Fauci and HHS officials planning the COVID-19 pandemic surfaces, dated a few months before the pandemic began. The work of the disinformation industry is why you may never have heard that there exist more than 1000 peer reviewed studies COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions. All because of the countless networks of thought police controlling the world's information flow in cahoots with the corrupted governments as the next section demonstrates.


The mind-blowing extent to which the government works with Big Tech to spy on and censor Americans

The unconstitutional efforts to spy on and mute Americans are being fed not only with the endless funds of the elites, but also with our taxpayer dollars. This is being done by a government not working for us but for those elites.

As the Intercept reports in their great expose, the Biden Administration's collusion with Big Tech to silence America's voice has festered under the roof of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act (CISA) branch of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This has been done by perverting CISA's original purpose of "protecting critical national infrastructure," into shaping "our cognitive infrastructure," as CISA's director had put it. The Intercept writes about what CISA's director told at a November 2021 conference:

Jen Easterly, Biden’s appointed director of CISA, swiftly made it clear that she would continue to shift resources in the agency to combat the spread of dangerous forms of information on social media. “One could argue we’re in the business of critical infrastructure, and the most critical infrastructure is our cognitive infrastructure, so building that resilience to misinformation and disinformation, I think, is incredibly important,” said Easterly, speaking at a conference in November 2021.

The same Intercept article reports the extent to which CISA had been turned against America's citizens branded as "terrorists" for supporting the opposing political party, saying:

The draft copy of DHS’s 2022 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review reviewed by The Intercept also confirms that DHS views the issue of tackling disinformation and misinformation as a growing portion of its core duties. While “counterterrorism remains the first and most important mission of the Department,” it notes, the agency’s “work on these missions is evolving and dynamic” and must now adapt to terror threats “exacerbated by misinformation and disinformation spread online” including by “domestic violent extremists.”

To accomplish this, the draft quadrennial review calls for DHS to “leverage advanced data analytics technology and hire and train skilled specialists to better understand how threat actors use online platforms to introduce and spread toxic narratives intended to inspire or incite violence, as well as work with NGOs and other parts of civil society to build resilience to the impacts of false information.”

The broad definition of “threat actors” posing risks to vaguely defined critical infrastructure — an area as broad as trust in government, public health, elections, and financial markets — has concerned civil libertarians.

Treasonous puppet "president" Joe Biden, who's not only heavily armed the Taliban but has also heavily funded it, has ramped up his crackdown on American citizens by releasing his unprecedented National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, states the Intercept. Their article explains that this National Strategy "identified a “broader priority: enhancing faith in government and addressing the extreme polarization, fueled by a crisis of disinformation and misinformation often channeled through social media platforms, which can tear Americans apart and lead some to violence.”

It should never be forgotten that On May 2022, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security had tried to launch the Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board (DGB), which was quickly scrapped due to the negative backlash, causing the Biden regime to revert to going about its business without being so overt.

The Intercept's great expose gives numerous additional examples of the way the government has been violating Americans' first amendment, all of which have been revealed by "meeting minutes and other records appended to a lawsuit filed by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt." The government's collusion with tech companies to shape the online discourse for their nefarious purpose is such that there even exists a "formalized process for government officials to directly flag content on Facebook or Instagram and request that it be throttled or suppressed through a special Facebook portal," reports the Intercept.

In the Intercept's article, you can read about the way not only the DHS but other governement agencies such as the FBI have also been turned into a partisan entity used for persecuting the political opposition of the party in power, just like in any other banana republic pretending to have a democracy. "The FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force this year includes 80 individuals focused on curbing “subversive data utilized to drive a wedge between the populace and the government,” reports the Intercept, adding that "the FBI has spent millions of dollars on social media tracking software like Babel X and Dataminr." This is in addition to the new startups intelligence agencies had backed "to monitor the vast flow of information across social networks to better understand emerging narratives and risks," the expose reports. The Intercept had interviewed an FBI official who had "described how, in the summer of 2020, amid the George Floyd protests, he was reassigned from his normal job of countering foreign intelligence services to monitoring American social media accounts." During CISA's March meeting, an FBI official called Laura Dehmlow had stated the need to hold the media accountable as the goal for how to approach disinformation.

The Intercept's expose also describes how the elites have stolen the 2020 election and installed their puppet regime with the help of the compromised FBI and CISA officials and corrupt government representatives. The article states:

Prior to the 2020 election, tech companies including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Wikipedia, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Verizon Media met on a monthly basis with the FBI, CISA, and other government representatives. According to NBC News, the meetings were part of an initiative, still ongoing, between the private sector and government to discuss how firms would handle misinformation during the election.

The Intercept also reports that according to a draft copy of DHS’s Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, the DHS will, in the coming years, be targeting the obliteration of “inaccurate information” on a broad range of topics including “the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, racial justice, U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the nature of U.S. support to Ukraine.” This means that if nothing is done, we may soon no longer have a clue exactly what percentage of humanity may get destroyed by the mRNA vaccines, how much more "humanitarian" aid will go to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, and how many more billions of taxpayer dollars will be sent to Ukraine as America keeps sleepwalking into a nuclear war with Russia.


The vaccine salesman president

"Congress appropriated $1 billion in fiscal year 2021 for the secretary of health to spend on activities to "strengthen vaccine confidence in the United States," reports TheBlaze in its bombshell March 03 2022 article on the results of a FIAO lawsuit the organization has won. This lawsuit has allowed the outlet to obtain documents from the Department of Health and Human Services revealing that the Biden administration had purchased countless ads from hundreds of news organizations and social media outlets, TV and radio stations to build vaccine confidence as part of a "comprehensive media campaign." TheBlaze article explains,

Though virtually all of these newsrooms produced stories covering the COVID-19 vaccines, the taxpayer dollars flowing to their companies were not disclosed to audiences in news reports

The same article declares that nearly the entire corporate media took money from the Biden administration to push the vaccines, including many so-called conservative media organizations such as Fox News and Newsmax. The article states,

These outlets were collectively responsible for publishing countless articles and video segments regarding the vaccine that were nearly uniformly positive about the vaccine in terms of both its efficacy and safety.

Fox News ad pushing Covid19 booster shots on its conservative audience on 3/15/2022
Fox News ad pushing Covid19 booster shots on its conservative audience on 3/15/2022


Not only has puppet president Biden wasted $1 billion taxpayer dollars on ads to better sell vaccines for Gates and enrich him, Biden has also tried to surrender U.S.' sovereignty to the World Health Organization Gates owns. Yet there are still some who deny the way Gates has seized control of America in his aspiration to rule the world.

The National Pulse reports that "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is now funding studies on how to best manipulate people to receive 'future' COVID-19 vaccines – including 'targeted” messaging and financial compensation." Their article cites an August 11, 2022 paper titled “Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy for Future COVID-19 and HIV Vaccines: Lessons from Measles and HPV Vaccines” that Gates' foundation has funded. The study's paper states:

“Message framing is a powerful tool for vaccine promotion; however, messages should be carefully framed and should be targeted to the population of interest. Financial incentives, free-of-charge vaccines, and use of vaccine champions should be considered in future vaccine promotions."

The National Pulse article adds that "The study comes amidst a roll-out of advertisements focusing on myocarditis in children, which studies have repeatedly demonstrated to be a side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine." This National Pulse article then points out a video advertisement on childhood myocarditis (now taken off YouTube) that was being run by the New York Presbyterian Hospital. That video is still found towards the middle of this Gateway Pundit article on the reality of the risk of myocarditis after receiving COVID vaccines. This Gateway Pundit article ends with a statement taken from the New York government website spreading actual misinformation, saying, “The COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and provides the best possible protection for your child against getting very sick from the virus.”

Utterly disgusting?

It has unfortunately taken only a few days after his Twitter takeover for Elon Musk to cave in and change his mind about making Twitter a true free speech platform. Musk has announced that he will continue to enforce the platform's 'hate' and 'election integrity' measures after having been warned of "dire consequences" by the ADL if he allows free debate platforms.

We can win with or without Musk's Twitter if all of us do our share to help dismantle the webs of lies, thank you for not postponing taking action.



“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead


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