Does your child believe straight is "not cool," the whites hate blacks, God is dead, drugs are the answer and the left is right?


On January 18, 2023, the New York Times published an op-ed titled "China Helped Raise My American Kids, and They Turned Out Fine." In this op-ed, an American mother living in Shanghai describes how Chinese “government co-parenting begins in the womb,” claiming this worked out "great" for her family. Not surprisingly, just a few days later on January 23, 2023, Bill Gates openly praised communist China's rising role in dominating and governing the world, recommending letting China "play a stronger role in world governance."

Are there really enough American communist by now not abhorred at seeing an op-ed lauding CCP-style child rearing, having been brainwashed by their CCP-paid media to the extent they've become ready to let a totalitarian White House co-parent their kids?

Can things get any creepier in the Communist States of America having a "president" who's has taken "probably not appropriate" showers with his own daughter, who's invited to the White House a trans man identified as a little girl (must see video here) in a country where college teachers can keep their jobs after attempting to "normalize" pedophilia?

Please see these disgusting tweets by pedophile Yoel Roth, compiled by Lara Logan. This is the man the masterminds of the Great Reset had put into power as Twitter's Head of Trust and Safety, ironically. Such minions of Satan can be expected to keep manipulating the narrative to "normalize" ultimate evil, for as long as the lawmakers don't declare social platforms public utilities and allow free debates.

To be able to allow China to play a "stronger role in world governance," by breaking U.S.'s backbone from the ground up, the efforts to thoroughly confuse and morally degenerate America's youth are continuing. The unholy collusion of the billionaires led by Bill Gates have been destroying traditional family values and unpopularizing masculinity to try to prevent armed resistance to America's insidious occupation. While a transsexual grown man in child costumes has been welcomed into the White House and honored by  America's puppet regime, kickboxing champion and popular social-media influencer Andrew Tate, who's been advising young men on being successful in life and embracing their masculinity, seems to be getting persecuted. Tate was first cancelled and stripped of his income he'd been earning through established social platforms. This was followed by Tate's arrest by a justice system few people have any trust left in. Did Tate commit any real crime or only the "crime" of serving as a male role model for young Americans? Is he or is he not a victim of "evidence" planting in a country whose FBI framed General Flynn?

Andrew Tate's possible release date has continued to get postponed and he's still being held as of March 2023.

Judicial Watch's founder Tom Fitton has sent the following tweet summarizing his article titled "D.C. Public Schools Overhaul Social Studies with CRT, Anti-Americanism, Leftist Propaganda:"

"Second graders will analyze the daily lives of different individuals in ancient societies including histories of same-sex relationships and gender fluidity in civilizations. In third grade D.C. students will be taught the importance of 'affirming spaces,' which are described as safe places for people to express their identities."

Will Americans keep letting their deeply compromised puppet government cause their kids to grow up lacking the moral values needed to keep families and the society stable?

The root cause of the problem is described in an opinion piece by Marc Lotter, former Trump adviser and chief communications officer of America First Policy Institute. This op-ed emphasizes the importance of having the United States strategically decouple from China. But even Fox News has cancelled and no longer interviews president Donald Trump who'd been trying to phase out the dependence of U.S. economy on China.

It should never be forgotten that on June 2022, controlled opposition outlet Fox News published a segment praising parents who'd started the gender transition of their five-year-old toddler...

Wokeness is being called a 'mind virus' by numerous conservative commentators due to being brought to us by the CCP and globalists just like SARSCoV2. It's part of the psyop to completely confuse America's new generation and ruin their mental health to destroy American families and the society.

The societal chaos to arise by raising a perverted youth lacking moral inhibitions and values is unfortunately not enough for the CCP and its deep-pocketed evil collaborators trying to rule the world. The psyop is not limited to making puppet president Biden indoctrinate American kids to become perverts like himself. In trying to weaken the U.S. by dividing it from within, the puppet masters have also been indoctrinating non-white kids into hating the whites by teaching them to equate being white with being privileged and oppressive. Kids being indoctrinated as such are at the same time growing up hating America due to believing it's still systemically racist, to ensure they won't become patriots. Such federally-promoted indoctrination continues not only in schools but in the military and government agencies as well.

As Americans keep being taught to hate one another, Antifa and BLM (the Democrats' paid militia) periodically riot to set the angered minorities an example.

Not only violent rioters but even the worst of criminals and sexual offenders are being set free by compromised prosecutors, district attorneys and officials who have been put in power by Gates' ally billionaire activist George Soros, who's spent at least $40 million to corrupt the justice system to help destabilize America.

As Biden keeps escalating the tensions toward a nuclear WWIII, We the People may not have much time to rid ourselves of America's puppet regime. For the love of God, please don't postpone doing whatever you can think of according to the edicts of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.


A much-underestimated, powerful way to help end the corruption

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

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