Puppet president Poroshenko also allows America's "person of trust within new prosecution system"


The Obama Administration had turned Ukraine "legally" into its own playground after the 2014 coup that caused Ukraine's democratically-elected president Viktor Yanukovych to get replaced with Petro Poroshenko.

For the backdrop, those unfamiliar with the Biden family's influence peddling operation in Ukraine can find a clear exposition here. This article describes how the Bidens got paid huge sums by a company called Burisma in return for using their influence to stop Busima's investigation by Ukraine's General Prosecutor.  But to cover up his own influence-peddling operation was only part of the reason why Joe got Ukraine's General Prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired on April 2016. Shokin seems to have been pursuing something way bigger than Hunter's pimping of his dad, which caused not only Joe but the entire Obama administration to want to get rid of him. This has been revealed by a confession from John Kerry, then U.S. Secretary of State. Kerry's words captured on video state:

“As a Secretary of State, I was deeply involved in this.

All of us, in the Obama Administration, were trying to get rid of that Prosecutor [Viktor Shokin]: from Obama, to the Secretary of State [John Kerry], to the Vice President [Joe Biden], all of us were working on that, and the Ambassador [to Ukraine].

And, we knew that, if Ukraine was going to survive, and win the revolution in the end, the Maidan, they had to get rid of that Prosecutor. And they did.”

Why had the members of the Obama Administration been so eager to want Ukraine's Maidan Revolution to succeed, and in fulfilling their wish, what could Biden and his allies have done to cause them to dread Ukraine's General Prosecutor?

After puppet president Poroshenko did fire General Prosecutor Shokin upon having been ordered to do so by Biden, Shokin got defamed, accused of corruption, and accused of "blocking major cases against allies and influential figures and stymying moves to root out graft." But all of these allegations were fake. This has been revealed by leaked phone calls between Joe Biden and Poroshenko, made public by Ukrainian lawmaker Andriy Derkach. During one of these phone conversations captured on audiotape on February 18, 2016, Western stooge Poroshenko tells Biden he'd asked Shokin to resign despite the lack of any corruption charges against him. Poroshenko tells Joe:

"Joe, I have a second positive news for you. Yesterday I met with General Prosecutor Shokin. And despite of the fact that we didn’t have any corruption charges, we don’t have any information about him doing something wrong, I specially asked him — no, it was day before yesterday — I specially asked him to resign. [...] And as a finish of my meeting with him, he promised to give me the statement on resignation."

3 minutes 15 seconds into this video, another incriminating phone conversation dated May 13, 2016 starts between Biden and Poroshenko, again proving that the Obama Administration had bribed its way out of ending up prosecuted. This conversation starts with Biden saying "How are you?," to which Poroshenko replies sucking up like a lapdog, saying "Very well indeed, as usual when I hear your voice." Biden then tells Poroshenko, “And now that the new Prosecutor General is in place, we’re ready to move forward to signing that one billion dollar loan guarantee.” Poroshenko thanks Biden for the money.

The same video recording contains another segment revealing that Biden had not only gotten Ukraine's General Prosecutor fired, but he had also ordered the re-structuring of the General Prosecutor's office to ensure Ukrainian prosecutors would never step out of line again. This is admitted by Poroshenko starting 5 minutes 15 seconds into the video when Poroshenko told Biden that they'd set up "the new structure of the general prosecutor's office, including the General Inspection, as we agreed with you." Doing so had been a “very tough challenge and a very difficult job,” Poroshenko also added. To ensure that no one in the restructured prosecutor's office would start looking in the wrong places, Ukraine's puppet regime had appointed an "Ukrainian origin American prosecutor" as an "assistant and adviser" with "very good experience in the American System" (5 minutes 45 seconds into the video). This new adviser would "be the person of trust within new prosecution system," Poroshenko told.

These audio recordings featuring Biden's own voice leave no doubt that Ukraine's puppet regime was 100% controlled by the Obama Administration.

By totally capturing Ukraine's prosecutorial system as described, the Obama regime had not only covered up its past crimes, but it had acquired the ability to get away with any and every crime it wanted to commit in the future in Ukraine...

PART 3 of this exposé show that not only Ukraine's prosecutors but its prime minister too had been handpicked by the Obama Regime.


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