“The truth will set you free” (John 8:32)

Asli Theobald, M.S.

In a nutshell

I'm a citizen who doesn't want to live in a world contaminated by nuclear weapons and deadly pathogens created by the globalist lunatics posing as "pro-environment." Despite the endless lies they've been disseminating which could put the Father of Lies to shame, we have the truth on our side which has the power to instantly dispel the biggest lies. We're not helpless against the madmen trying to weaken and dissolve world governments, our lives, our businesses, our country and this world is not arrogant billionaire's toys to play with. As the pen is mightier than the sword, I will continue to try to put my best effort into exposing the truth in a self-verifiable manner to convince those who can bring on change. Unlike most bloggers and journalists who eventually cave in, I can never be persuaded to water down the facts this website is dedicated to exposing beyond reasonable doubt in a manner everyone can vet with numerous credible links. I'm well aware that my resolution may cost me everything including my life in the near future, but not resisting what's happening feels even scarier. We can win if we all do our part, if you would please help me. The times are not for binging on movies and going about our "normal" leisurely lives, there's nothing "normal" about what's insidiously being done to this world as my self-verifiable expositions may help demonstrate. I ask you to join me in putting our best effort into exponentially disseminating the truth and convincing the masses to put rapidly intensifying pressure on politicians as described here.

The long story

I'm an information system’s analyst with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science who's analyzed the structure and operations of many organizations, companies and factories. My training and experience has taught me how to best identify the shortcomings of any type of operation or organization including governmental organizations. I specialize in piecing together how information flows and recommending effective improvements.

Although I'm originally Turkish, I love America and greatly appreciate having become a U.S. citizen. My love of God and desire for this free country to survive has spurred me to start applying my experience to rigorously analyze and identify the extent of the corruption in the American government as well as the American medical system.

In addition to the corruption in the government that I've attempted to expose in detail, I've identified a plethora of harmful medications, piles of junk-science, outrageously fraudulent marketing efforts, deliberate gross negligence and blatant misrepresentations in the U.S. medical system. I'll be continuing to expose all of it.

Although I have an MS in Computer Science, I've always been drawn to writing and journalism. I've had numerous articles published in Turkish newspapers and magazines. Most of these articles have raised awareness of fraudulent or inadequate policies.

The articles and expositions on this website are my first publications in English.

My work as an information systems analyst and journalist may demonstrate my love of piecing together scattered bits of information like a jigsaw puzzle, letting the big pictures emerge. I hope my efforts may convey the value of thinking for oneself at all times and never failing do one’s own fact-checking.

Organizing the information on this website required hard work – perhaps the hardest that I've ever done. I hope and pray that my efforts can help clean up the corruption I've described.

I'm currently in the process of writing 2 books. One of these books is on the fraudulent marketing of ADHD medications. My other upcoming book is a spiritual one about my search for the Ultimate Truth in my efforts to piece together the largest picture of all.

If you feel you've benefited from my efforts and feel you've have been able to raise the awareness of your friends and relatives with the information I've put together, please consider contributing to keep this website ad-free. Thank you.

A much-underestimated, powerful way to help end the corruption

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

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