About Asli Theobald

I’m originally an information systems analyst with a Master’s Degree in computer science, whose true passion has always been journalism. My training and experience as an information systems analyst have taught me how to identify the shortcomings of any type of system and suggest improvements. For the last several years, I’ve been applying my experience to rigorously analyze the shortcomings of governmental organizations. My research has left me especially appalled at the corruption in the U.S. medical system. This website documents the results of my findings.

This is not a conspiracy zone, I’ve put my best effort into providing credible references for fast and easy fact-checking.

I have had numerous articles published in Turkish newspapers and magazines such as Ekonomi and Ege’de Son Soz, raising awareness of fraudulent or inadequate government policies. My most popular article was on the consequences of allowing the over-the-counter sale of antibiotics in Turkey. The articles on this website are some of my first in English.

Both my work as an information systems analyst and journalist demonstrate my love of piecing together scattered bits of information like a jigsaw puzzle, letting the big picture emerge. I hope my efforts may convey the value of thinking for oneself at all times and always verifying the facts.