Are we going to take it like sheep in a slaughterhouse?


I saw a tweet by @kelfitton on March 22, 2023 that sums up the situation perhaps better than any other words ever can. Fitton says in his tweet, "I’m trying to block out the fact that Xi and Putin said “change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years and we are driving this change together” on the same day Kirby said “LGBTQ+ rights are a core part of Biden’s foreign policy." Right below his words, Fitton has posted two videos verifying that the Biden Administration's mission is to destroy the U.S.

The Biden Administration is a puppet regime illegitimately installed by the collusion of the world's richest billionaires with the CCP. This deeply compromised regime, which represents an imminent existential threat to not only America but the entire world, aims to finish destroying world governments including that of America's before Biden's term is over in 2024.

This article proves that only the most naïve and brainwashed person can dismiss the above conclusion as a "conspiracy theory."

On March 19, 2023, European outlets reported that NATO is accelerating the deployment of up to 300,000 soldiers on the eastern border of Russia. This is happening against the new alliance formed between Putin and China’s dictator Xi Jinping after Xi's visit to Moscow. China formed close ties with Russia knowing America's threats to declassify its intelligence on SARS-CoV-2's origins can't go far, when the U.S. is just as culpable in creating the pandemic as this exposé systematically proves beyond reasonable doubt in a self-verifiable manner.

Xi Jinping "is implementing the largest military buildup since the Second World War; he has been trying to sanctions-proof his regime; and he is mobilizing the civilian population for war," reports Gordon Chang, an expert on China and Chinese-US Relations.

Exactly why is China preparing to fight NATO with Russia after its failed attempts at trying to de-escalate the tensions between Ukraine and NATO? This article leads to the complete answer. But before, in proving the fact that Big Guy's mission is to destroy the old world order, I'd like to lay out the extent to which Biden  destroyed America's economy as well as its military before putting it up against World War III with both Russia and China,.

For the backdrop, anyone trying to fully understand how compromised Biden isshould not miss this authenticated evidence compilation proving Joe Biden's corruption, demonstrating how deeply Joe was involved in the influence peddling operation whose front face was Hunter. You'll be amazed at how much evidence the 'censorship industrial complex' has been able to hide from you, to prevent you from fully realizing what Big Guy has been installed to accomplish.

Analysts admit we've come to the brink of a 2008 style financial crisis when the collapse of the banking system began with the loud crash of Silicon Valley Bank on March 10, 2023. "Fears Rise that Silicon Valley Bank Might Only Be the Beginning of Bank Failures," reports the Gateway Pundit. Sure enough, on March 12, 2023, Signature Bank also went insolvent and got taken over by regulators. We've been told that mere "software glitches" are responsible for the missing funds and deposits reported by Bank of America customers and Wells Fargo clients. "This is a liquidity crisis caused by maturity mismatches due to politicians from ALL parties running up massive debts. These debts required interest rate hikes at the heart of this crisis," summarizes Dan Bongino.

Please don't skip this great clip titled "From Collapse To CBDC — To Hell On Earth." "This is the final step. This is the holy grail. This is the coup de grace." Jones says.

To see what Biden's done to the once mighty U.S. military facing having to fight WWIII with  please see this article titled "Knowingly debilitating the U.S. military, stripping it of patriots, and wasting around $500 million in doing so," as well as this article titled "Additional tactics that guarantee U.S. troops will lose in war against Russia, China, or both at the same time."

This article you're reading is PART 1 of the 4-PART exposé titled "THE SUICIDAL ONSLAUGHT AGAINST RUSSIA, which lays out the reality of America's suicide mission whose goal surfaced as  bringing on a regime change in Russia after NATO allies blocked the peace negotiations on April 2022, ending the talks to keep striking Putin. The negotiations were blocked despite the way Zelensky had agreed to not join NATO and Putin had agreed to stop invading, as has been explained by Israel's ex Prime Minister who was in charge of mediating the peace negotiations (PART 2 of this exposé).

Leading to the formation of the China/Russia alliance, on February 20, 2023, America's illegitimate "president" did not spend President's Day in America but in Ukraine, announcing yet another $500 million dollars of military aid to this country. Russia responded by suspending the New Start Treaty which was its last remaining nuclear arms control pact with the U. S. The Biden White House didn't seem the slightest bit bothered, announcing 4 days later on February 24, 2023 "another $2 billion in military aid and a new round of sanctions targeting Russia." Hours later the same day, the Biden Administration announced an additional $10 billion aid package to Ukraine.

The additional $10 billion aid was announced after Biden and NATO rejected China’s proposal to wind down the Ukraine conflict and re-start the peace negotiations.

Can there still be any idiot who believes that the Biden Regime has been pushing America and the world headlong into destruction merely out of a "moral obligation" to save some distant little foreign country's "democracy?"

Biden officials have not been defending Ukraine's "democracy," but defending the illegitimate puppet regime they'd installed in Ukraine at the borders of Russia in 2014, to help NATO eventually capture Russia. This was planned by imperialist billionaire George Soros many years ago, reveals a November 1993 article titled "TOWARD A NEW WORLD ORDER: THE FUTURE OF NATO" found on Soros' website. This article suggests defeating Russia with NATO using Ukrainians as cannon fodder. The article explains:

"the combination of manpower from Eastern Europe with the technical capabilities of NATO would greatly enhance the military potential of the Partnership because it would reduce the risk of body bags for NATO countries, which is the main constraint on their willingness to act."

Please don't miss this full story exposing how the Obama Regime began implementing Soros's plan using then Vice President Biden in 2014. As the exposé demonstrates, the Biden-led crimes of the Obama Administration were such that covering them up took not only firing Ukraine's General Prosecutor but re-structuring Ukraine's entire General Prosecutor's Office (video proof here). Since 2014, the Obama Administration and succeeding Biden Administration have committed additional crimes in Ukraine including biological warfare to capture and add Russia to the empire of the billionaires including Soros, Bill Gates and others colluding with the Chinese Communist Party. This alliance of world's wealthiest elites and China has been trying to establish a totalitarian one world government modeled after the CCP. This is NOT a conspiracy theory, please don't miss its absolute proof here including a video of the plotting of the pandemic by the U.S. officials working for the Bill and Melinda Gates and Rockefeller Foundations.

After the re-structuring of Ukraine's General Prosecutor's Office and the embedding of America's "person of trust" in the prosecutorial system, the Obama/Biden regimes had become completely free to commit whichever crime they pleased in Ukraine. These crimes include a huge money laundering operation that helped finance the installing of the compromised Democratic party of puppet president Biden.

So you see, the world's most powerful billionaires who control both America's and Ukraine's puppet regimes can never let Russia start digging up the dirt in Ukraine and expose their decades-long crimes including toppling governments. If this is allowed to happen, it can mean the end of the Deep State.

The above is the main reason why I believe the psychopathic masterminds of the Great Reset are likely to order their puppet Biden to nuke Russia if Russia wins against Ukraine. Putin can't be allowed to interrogate everyone running Ukraine's Biden-restructured General Prosecutor's Office, replacing them with real investigators and real prosecutors.

Do you still have a hard time believing anyone would be insane enough to start a nuclear war?

Do you think my conclusion may be exaggerated by paranoia?

If you're having difficulty believing me, please don't miss especially PART 4 of this exposé which points out that Biden's HHS has purchased $290 million worth of anti-radiation drugs in their “ongoing efforts to be better prepared to save lives following radiological and nuclear emergencies.” In PART 4, please also don't miss the way senile Biden inadvertently blurted out his handlers' intention to fight a nuclear war.

Even a 'limited' nuclear war could dramatically reduce the world's population while the elites could retreat to distant parts of the world not affected by the radiation. Instead of filling the world's hospitals with COVID-19 victims, the globalists would this time be filling them with those suffering from radiation sickness while Bill Gates' World Health Organization would once again be working hard at establishing our 'new normal.'

Please self-verify the reality of the way the 194 member nations of Gates-owned World Health Organization are at the brink of signing off their sovereignty to the WHO, giving Gates and his collaborators full control of when to declare which global health emergency and how to "manage" that health emergency. Please don't believe the Soros-funded "fact checkers," please do self-verify the way Gates and his globalist collaborators are about to gain much greater control of world governments during "global health emergencies."

If the nuclear radiation emergency Biden's been trying to start may fail to remain 'limited' and keeps escalating, in the worst case scenario, the billionaires could retreat to the huge gorgeous bunkers they've built, to continue to spend their lives in the lap of luxury instead of in prison cells.

Please see this article by Leo Hohmann emphasizing the way Biden's been escalating America towards war without mobilizing for war. This reinforces my belief that America's puppet regime has no plans to fight and win a conventional war with Russia and/or China. If Russia wins, Biden will simply nuke it and let the World Health Organization take over running the governments of its 194 member nations.

Are we going to just roll over and let the above occur?

I strongly believe NATO will never succeed at toppling Putin, here are all my reasons for believing Russia will win against Ukraine sooner or later. China too seems to have realized the impossibility of toppling Putin with American dollars, also realizing Biden's intent to start a nuclear World War III when Russia wins. All of this explains China's apparent panic and attempt to act as a peace mediator between NATO and Russia on February 2023, offering a 12-point proposal to end the war. Biden, as expected, has rejected China's proposal.

Conveying the gravity of the danger, I'd like to emphasize how telling it is that even former globalist-ally China has tried to block Biden's insane puppeteers from further escalating the tensions towards Armageddon, draining America of money in the process with no end in sight, doing so despite rising inflation and economic recession in the U.S. As China's economy is deeply coupled with America's, the total destruction of U.S.'s economy could also destroy China (not to mention getting destroyed by Armageddon). This is why I believe China has decided to change course and end its unholy alliance with the globalists. Now that China no longer seems to be on the lunatic billionaires' side, I believe NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg does have good reason to believe China will align its interests with Russia and may supply it with weapons to defeat globalist-controlled NATO, helping expose the criminal globalists.

China's apparent decision to align its royalties with Russia did get punished severely, causing the globalists to allow the FBI and U.S. Department of Energy to suddenly announce SARS-CoV-2 may indeed have come from the Wuhan lab. The media has been allowed to report freely on how the lab leak hypothesis has been squelched. On March 10 2023, the House voted unanimously to declassify U.S. intelligence on the origins of COVID-19, meaning China's became U.S.'s enemy. "It's unclear whether the president will sign the measure into law, and the White House said the matter was under review," reported ABC News on March 10, 2023. Again on March 3, the same day the House voted to expose COVID's origins, Qin Gang, the Foreign Minister of China gave a speech warning the U.S. of physical conflict if it did not change course with regards to military assistance in Taiwan and Ukraine.

To emphasize yet again, this article, and this article and also this article lays out in a self-verifiable manner the extent to which China has weakened and diminished the size of the U.S. military. According to a German defense minister, his country too can no longer protect itself in war due to being understaffed and financially neglected, just like the U.S. military. What's been done to America's and Germany's military has perhaps been done to the military forces of all NATO member countries. This explains why China doesn't seem afraid of waging war on U.S. and similarly weakened NATO allies if the West continues to support Ukraine and Taiwan.

Will China and Russia be able to defeat the insane globalists without causing a nuclear war (if we're lucky), destroying the globalist-captured American government in the process and installing their own puppet regime loyal to their new alliance?

Or will the globalists be able to capture the World including China with the help of the WHO after a nuclear war?

Or are We the People going to be able to act in time to prevent all of the above in the light of the edicts of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence?

The world may not have much time left as Russia may have come close to winning sooner than Putin and Xi have figured out how to safely take out the globalists.

Certainly, the globalist billionaires haven't made their billions by being dumb. By promising the CCP the power to rule the world alongside them, the billionaires caused the Communist Party to teach them all about how to suppress huge populations for long periods. But when China had agreed to align its interests with the billionaires, Xi Jinping seems to have underestimated the extent of the billionaires' crimes in Ukraine, as well as having underestimated the extent of their psychopathy. Not even someone as evil as Xi Jinping could foresee, apparently, that the globalists would be willing to risk ending the world.

If Americans continue to do nothing as the Biden Regime keep escalating the tensions towards completely destroying the Old World Order, even if Putin and Xi's new alliance defeats the globalists, the CCP is likely to start doing to its ally Russia exactly what it's done to America. China will try to get Russian economy too completely dependent on it, enriching itself through Russia while working hard at infiltrating the Russian government agencies too. The CCP will try to capture Russia too without firing a single bullet.

The U.S. congress contains 385 traitors who have in 2020 refused to act according to the edicts of the Constitution to save their country, who are obviously too compromised to ever start upholding their oath of office to protect their country.

I keep praying God will give America the leader it needs to unite the country, causing citizens and military forces to act according to the proclamations of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. And I hope the articles on this website may prevent Russia and other world governments from letting the CCP insidiously take over.


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“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

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