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As the pen is mightier than the sword, there can be no bigger weapon of mass destruction than deceptive narratives by those who stifle free debate platforms and control the information the world hears and sees. Not surprisingly, the masterminds of globalism have put their best effort into trying to end free speech on earth.

After the SARS-CoV-2 agent was deliberately allowed to "escape" from the Wuhan Institute, mass-censorship of online platforms and the cancel culture was eased in using the "excuse" of having to remove pandemic-related "misinformation" to "save lives," which initially seemed to make some sense. Around March 2020, Gates' Microsoft partnered with other tech giants Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn and Reddit, releasing a statement announcing they were "jointly combating fraud and misinformation about the virus, elevating authoritative content [...] and sharing critical updates in coordination with government health care agencies around the world." The unconstitutional era of the worldwide suppression of the truth had begun, masterminded by a "priviliged" cabal which had bestowed upon itself the supreme status of controlling what the world could know, to lead the world wherever it wanted to.

"We invite other companies to join us as we work to keep our communities healthy and safe," the tech tycoons told in their 2020 joint statement. The founders of large companies such as Airbnb and PayPal took the invitation, helping cancel and punish "disinformation" spreaders.

The tech giants and private companies quickly moved on from obliterating the truth in coordination with the healthcare agencies to obliterating the truth in coordination with the DHS, FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Science and Technology Directorate and the Secret Service, as has been demonstrated by the investigative outlet the Intercept. As award-winning journalist Matt Taibbi has also demonstrated in his summaries of the Twitter Files,"Twitter took in requests from everyone — Treasury, HHS, NSA, FBI, DHS, etc. — and also received personal requests from politicians like Democratic congressman Adam Schiff," .

The world's ultimately prestigious "club" of wealthiest elites, who have usurped the power to monitor and control everything everyone else reads, sees and watches, kept pouring their endless millions into not only corrupting government agencies but also building a worldwide network of supposedly independent "fact checkers." A January 2023 article (part of the New York Post's multi-part exposé on Soros) explains how the billionaire poured his millions into developing a huge, worldwide fact-checking network. Soros' collaborator Mark Zuckerberg announced the extent of the network they'd built in a post he wrote when they were still pretending to only censor medical "misinformation." Zuckerberg wrote in his post:

“We continue to work with our network of over 55 fact-checking partners covering over 45 languages to debunk these claims [COVID misinformation]. To support the global fact-checking community’s work on COVID-19, we partnered with the Independent Fact-Checking Network to launch a 1 million grant program to increase their capacity during this time.”

This $1 million grant Zuckerberg announced to increase the capacity of the Independent Fact-Checking Network was definitely not the only funding provided to grow and expand the narcissistic billionaires' global web of thought police. An article on Google’s own blog states that the search engine company had provided “$6.5 million in funding to fact-checkers and nonprofits fighting misinformation around the world.” This article explains how the funds would be used to further expand and grow the countless fact-checking non-profits spawned in numerous countries worldwide. The same Google article mentions Google's support for a big nonprofit called First Draft which utilizes its extensive CrossCheck network to "address escalating content that is causing confusion and harm." Scrolling down the 'About' page of the FirstDraft project's website reveals the "Impact Reports" the nonprofit has published, revealing the way the non-profit's goal was not limited to the removal of medical disinformation. Online discourse on election interference was one of the top subjects FirstDraft monitored and modified. For example, First Draft's 4th quarter "Impact Report" for 2020 states:

"For over a year, we have been delivering pioneering live simulations of disinformation scenarios focused on elections, preparing everyone from up-and coming journalists to seasoned editors, as well as researchers and platform teams, on what — and what not — to do when faced with an unfolding information crisis. Over 1,000 influential people have learned from our 25 simulations."

This is just one example of the manipulation and stifling of the speech of the world's influential people, likely accomplished with pressure from America's weaponized government agencies. 

First Draft's 2021's second quarter Impact Report states:

"Attention was firmly focused on the United States in the first weeks of the year, as the nation grappled with the repeated, rampant and false denial of the legitimacy of election results. But as the United States increasingly exports disinformation claims and tactics around the world, while vaccine misinformation floods every continent, an international perspective has never been more critical."

All of the above explains how even outlets such as the New York Post were forced to announce the 2020 election wasn't stolen, and Newsmax told there was no evidence of voting machine fraud despite the piles of legitimate evidence of election and voting machine fraud.

First Draft's 2021's second quarter Impact Report does list some of the media organizations the nonprofit had been able to steer and manipulate, stating, "And our work continued to engage audiences with features and insights in Wired, Marie Claire, BBC, Vice and The Economist." The report contains a link to 'Vaccine Insight Reports' which provide "analysis of the key themes, trends, threats, narratives and data deficits related to vaccine misinformation." FirstDraft even has a "Vaccine Insights Hub" and "Vaccine Insights Newsletter."

Google's article on the search engine's $6.6 million grant to the "fact checkers" announces the company's support for not just First Draft but numerous similar projects which had developed their own worldwide censorship and narrative control networks. One of these is "LatamChequea, coordinated by Chequeado," says Google, which is "providing a single hub to highlight the work of 21 fact-checking organizations across 15 countries in the Spanish-speaking world and Latin America." "In Germany, CORRECTIV will step up its efforts to engage citizens in the fight against misinformation," says the Google article, adding that "Full Fact and will coordinate efforts in Europe [...] to amplify experts, share trends, and help reduce the spread of harmful false information." This Google article mentions many additional fact-checker networks and includes the paragraph:

"The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) continues to advocate for fact-checkers worldwide; our renewed support will boost their efforts to uphold best practices in the fact-checking field and showcase the work of the CoronaVirusFacts alliance. In addition, Science Feedback will conduct a network analysis using the hundreds of COVID-19 fact checks published globally to track the spread of related misinformation."

Such is the extent of the incredible proliferation of the worldwide propaganda networks that have mushroomed since the release of the SARS-CoV-2 bioweapon. These networks that have engulfed the world continue to grow with the endless funds of the billionaires wanting to hide the way they've created a pandemic and enforced harmful vaccines for it.

If you haven't already, please click on the link for Science Feedback which pulls up their project titled "Building an Open-source Database of Misinformation Sources on COVID-19." Please note on the map that comes up the names of Infowars, ZeroHedge, the New York Post, Natural News and others.


Supposed misinformation spreading outlets and organizations


Glen Greenwald calls this ever-expanding global censorship network the new "censorship industrial complex" in his articles further exposing the extent and rapid growth of this malignant new industry type.

Due to the "success" of the booming censorship industry, there's been no outcry even when Boston University genetically engineered, in their lab, a much deadlier COVID-19 strain with an 80% kill rate.

The worldwide networks of the censorship industry are responsible for why few people have heard of the way the former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance has lawyered up and admitted that SARS-CoV-2 was created by EcoHealth Alliance when he was Vice President.

The new and prosperous censorship industry is responsible for the way most people have never seen the disturbing video of Dr. Francis Boyle, professor of international law who drafted the U.S. Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 signed into law by George H.W. Bush, explain how Americans are sleepwalking into a nuclear world War III (loads slowly).

The ever-growing networks of the censorship industry are the reason why it never went viral even when a video footage from 2019 surfaced which features Fauci and HHS officials planning the COVID-19 pandemic, dated 2 months before the pandemic began.

God only knows which other harrowing atrocities are going on in the world without any of us hearing about them, thanks to the countless networks of thought police controlling the world's information flow.


A much-underestimated, powerful way to help end the corruption

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

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