Victories of the sheriffs and state officials honoring their oath of office to defend the constitutional rights of We the People against Federal encroachment

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps perpetuate it. (Martin Luther King, Jr.)”

The concept of "sheriffs standing for liberty and protecting their citizens “from all enemies, both foreign and domestic,” is nothing new!" writes Constitutional Sheriff Richard Mack in his book "Are You A David? America's Last Hope Volume II," adding, "sometimes though, such worthy stories just don't make headlines or receive their due from NBC, CBS, or ABC."

Sheriff Mack has trained at least 800 sheriffs since the founding of his organization Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association in 2011, reports a November 2022 article published in USA Today. Mack's organization educates not only the sheriffs but other key state officials as well about their Supreme Court-vindicated right to nullify any and every unconstitutional Federal legislature. Please don't go by the numerous hit pieces on Mack and his organization online, please don't miss this article explaining what State Sovereignty really means and how the Supreme Court has confirmed the validity of Mack's interpretation in June 27, 1997.

Since being educated by Mack's organization about their constitutional right to prevent the Federal government's unconstitutional encroachments, countless sheriffs and other state officials have won many fights for We the People. These heroes have opposed numerous unconstitutional federal laws instead of going along with the flow and continuing to encourage federal grant money. Their stories are described in publications such as RANGE magazine, the book 'They Fired The First Shot,' as well as the publications of Mack's Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association (CSPOA). Below are some of the victories won by the courageous sheriffs and state officials mentioned in Mack's book titled “Are You a David? America's Last Hope Volume II:”

  • The cover of the book features courageous constitutional Sheriff Pamela Elliott who's arrested corrupt officials.
  • P. 77 mentions three sheriffs who fought a federal battle with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and won.
  • P. 79 mentions Sheriff Gary Penrod from San Bernardino County, California who's also had problems with Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Sheriff Penrod stood up for his people and revoked local law enforcement authority from the federal government, advising them to consult with him before taking any action on private property.
  • P. 90 mentions Sheriff Clarke who stood for the Second Amendment in a creative way, releasing public service announcements through the local media asking his citizens to arm themselves, to be trained and ready to help him fight crime. The county commissioners and the Milwaukee chief of police fought Sheriff Clarke all the way but Sheriff Clarke resisted. On p. 110 of his book, Mack mentions Sheriff Clarke again, explaining that "any cop (liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, or anything in between) knows that police cannot and will not be to your home in time to stop an attack. So why do so many pretend that you'll be safer if you are unarmed? Sheriff Clarke is one of the leaders in this country who refuses to be a part of such propaganda." 
  • P. 90 mentions Sheriff Palmer who has been fighting to protect his citizens from the overreach of the U.S. Forest Service for well over a decade, interposing himself on behalf of his constituents.
  • P. 91 mentions Chief of Detroit police James Craig who's known for encouraging gun ownership for the citizens in his jurisdiction. The legally armed residents caused crime to decrease substantially.
  • P. 109 mentions Sheriff Rogers in Elkhart County, Indiana who stood up for and defended an Amish farmer from the bureaucratic harassment of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • P. 110 mentions Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch who nullified the unconstitutional arrest of a citizen. After much legal fighting, Finch won.
  • P. 113 mentions Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and the state legislature who signed legislation exempting their state from the Federal Government's Common Core, which is the Dept. of Education's version of No Child Left Behind part II.
  • P.113 mentions Butch Otter of Idaho who signed legislation nullifying all federal gun control laws. Furthermore, this legislation makes it a crime to have any State officers or any officers from the state's political subdivisions cooperate in any manner with federal gun laws. As part of its justification for enacting this courageous state law, Otter referred to the Mack/Printz Supreme Court case containing what's become known as the “anti-commandeering doctrine” (The feds cannot commandeer state officials to enforce federal statutes).
  • P. 113 mentions that Indiana and South Carolina have passed similar legislation nullifying federal gun control laws.
  • p.113 mentions Governor Perry in Texas who's told the feds that they will not be “commandeering” land along the Red River as they'd announced they intended to do.
  • P. 114: Sheriff John Cooke of Weld County, Colorado, in response to dozens of Colorado sheriffs standing against the state's new gun laws, has declared, “Even the federal courts cannot make me enforce the laws. So, if we lose and the judge says, 'No, these laws are constitutional,' I still set the priorities and the resources for my agency. There's no law in the state of Colorado that says I have to enforce the law, so I still won't enforce them, because in my belief and in my opinion, it's not my job to turn law-abiding gun owners into criminals.”"

The above is far from being an exhaustive list of the accomplishments of the more than 800 heroes who've refused to obey unconstitutional Federal laws and have been standing up for the rights of their constituents.


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“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

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