Burisma starts paying Hunter huge sums only 2 months after Obama appoints Joe point man on Ukraine


Following a meeting with Joe Biden, Hunter and their business partner Devon Archer, Hunter and Archer started receiving huge payments in return for "favors" Big Guy did for a corrupt Ukrainian company.

On April 16, 2014, the Ukrainian energy exploration and production company Burisma Holdings Limited got accused of money-laundering by Britain's Serious Fraud Office. On the very same day Burisma got accused (April 16, 2014), Joe met Hunter's partner Devon Archer in the White House, according to email trails backed up by photographs. Joe, Hunter and Archer had found yet another way to make millions of dollars in a jiffy by "helping out" Burisma.

Only 6 days after meeting Joe in the White House, Archer got appointed to the executive board of Burisma, and about a month later, Hunter also got appointed to the same executive board, despite the way he neither had any Ukraine experience or any substantial experience in the energy sector. Burisma paid over $4 million dollars in total to Hunter and Archer for their supposed "board memberships" between May 7, 2014 and Feb.12, 2016, states the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance Majority Staff Report titled "Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption." Most of these payments were made for supposed “consulting services” for approximately $83,333 each time, the report states.

Hunter had joined Burisma's board and started raking in the millions only 2 months after Obama had named Joe Biden the administration’s point man on Ukraine on February 2014.

Exactly why Burisma had paid Hunter and Devon millions of dollars has been revealed by several incriminating emails.

A May 2014 email reveals that Burisma adviser and executive Vadym Pozharskyi had asked Hunter “advice on how you could use your influence” on Burisma's behalf.

In another damning email Pozharskyi sent Hunter on April 17, 2015, the Burisma executive thanked Hunter for having been introduced to Joe Biden. Pozharskyi wrote in this email:

“Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure.”

A November 2015 email from again Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi, which has been obtained by Tucker Carlson, states that visits from influential US officials to Ukraine were needed to "close down any cases/pursuits against the head of Burisma in Ukraine." This email was followed by Joe visiting Ukraine, reports the Daily Mail.

A day before Pozharskyi thanked Hunter on April 17, 2015 for his DC meeting with Joe, Hunter had sent an email to another invitee, writing in this email, 'Dad will be there but keep that btw us for now."

Renowned cybersecurity expert Robert Graham, whose experience has caused him to repeatedly get cited as an expert in articles published by the Washington Post, the Associated Press, Wired, Engadget and other news and technology outlets, has explained to the Daily Caller how he's verified that Burisma advisor Pozharsky had indeed sent the email thanking Hunter for the opportunity to meet Joe on April 17, 2015. Graham described to the Daily Caller how he used a cryptographic signature found in Pozharskyi's email's metadata to validate the way that email had been sent from an account used by Pozharsky. This confirmed the way "the sender, recipient, subject, date and body of the message that the DCNF [Daily Caller News Foundation] obtained from Giuliani were unchanged from when the email was originally sent in April 2015."

Corrupt birds of a feather had flocked together in DC the day Joe, Hunter, Burisma executive Pozharskyi and many other oligarchs had met. The guest list includes Moscow's corrupt ex-mayor Yury Luzhkov's wife billionaire Elena Baturina, a Mexican ambassador, and the prime minister of a country which Hunter wouldn't disclose by email, he'd written, but would tell over the phone. Among the shady transactions that have taken place between these invitees was a February 2014 transfer of $3.5 million that had been caught by the US Treasury and flagged as a suspicious activity. This $3.5 million had been wired to Hunter's company Rosemont Seneca Thornton LLC. by corrupt ex-mayor Luzhkov's wife Elena Baturina. God only knows what an oligarch like Baturina had needed from America's then Vice President Joe during her meeting with him, after which she'd paid $3.5 million to Hunter. Baturina had been wallowing in corruption, with her late husband having been fired from the position of  Moscow's mayor in 2010 over allegations of fraud benefiting his wife's enterprises. “Luzhkov used his position as mayor to approve over 20 real estate projects that were built by a Baturina-owned construction company and ultimately generated multibillion-ruble profits for his family,” explains the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance Majority Staff's report on the Bidens' corruption. The report also states that Baturina had made a fortune when Andrey Borodin, the former head of the Bank of Moscow, had allegedly used money from the Moscow City Budget to lend to shell companies which ultimately transferred $443 million to Baturina.

After Joe's meeting in DC, the huge sums Pozharskyi paid to "board members" Hunter and Archer did accomplish plenty for Burisma. How well daddy Biden "took care of" Burisma is admitted by a bragging Joe captured on video. In a clip from a January 2018 appearance at the Council on Foreign Relations, then Vice President Biden boasted about how he'd threatened to withhold 1 billion dollars of military aid from the U.S. to Ukraine if Ukraine's president refused to immediately fire Ukraine's general prosecutor Viktor Shokin who'd been investigating Burisma. Biden admits in this video:

I looked at them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. (Laughter.) He got fired.

After Shokin was fired, the new Ukrainian prosecutors refused to provide the documents U.K.'s Serious Fraud Office needed for finish the money laundering investigation into Burisma. This caused U.K.'s Serious Fraud Office to unfreeze the frozen assets of Burisma's owner Mykola Zlochevsky in January 2014. Zlochevsky's unfrozen assets worth $23 million, that actually "belonged to the Ukrainian people," according to U.S.'s Ukraine ambassador at that time, were moved out of Ukraine. Everybody had won except the defrauded Ukrainian people.



Pimping out his dad since at least 2008


The information summarized in 9-part exposé is far from being a comprehensive account of the corrupt dealings of the Bidens over the years. The Daily Mail has published this and this article exposing many additional damning instances of Joe's meetings with corrupt oligarchs and his involvement with Hunter's business partners. Fox News points out yet additional occasions of Joe Biden's meetings with his son's shady partners in its article titled "Joe Biden met with at least 14 of Hunter’s business associates while vice president."

Eric Schwerin, the president of Hunter's company Rosemont Seneca Partners, visited the White House 19 times, show the visitor logs. Schwerin had access to Joe Biden’s personal finances, was involved with Joe’s taxes, and discussed Joe's financial future with him, according to the New York Post. Joe Biden also shared bank accounts with Hunter and they paid each other's bills.

Hunter had been pimping his dad out at least since 2008, reveals an August 2008 article by CBS News. This article exposes that just like Burisma had hired Hunter and paid him "consulting fees" in return for "favors" from Joe, Hunter had been hired and paid large sums by former credit card company MBNA, followed by Joe supporting a bill to make filing bankruptcy more difficult.

When the damning information brought together in this exposé has been public knowledge for so long, why have the authorities still not indicted Joe Biden for high treason as of March 2023? How corrupt is America's justice system?

Wayne Allyn Root sums up the situation:

I know Obama, Biden and the Biden Crime Family are owned by China and the Chinese Communist Party.

I know China purposely sent Covid here to kill Americans, destroy our economy, wipe out our great American middle class, and destroy Trump’s re-election.

I know inflation; open borders; the massive violent crime wave in all our big cities; the massive shoplifting wave destroying all our retail stores across USA; the destruction of our supply chain; the destruction of our formerly dominant U.S. energy industry; the coming food shortage; our humiliating retreat in Afghanistan; what’s happening in Ukraine that is purposely leading to WW3…this is all the intentional, purposeful destruction of the USA.

I know this isn’t incompetence, or a mistake…this is a globalist, communist takeover of the USA.

I know they are using open borders to destroy our country, our sovereignty and steal all future elections by letting in 20 million, or 30 million, or 50 million, or maybe even 100 million illegal aliens to overwhelm and out-vote the citizens of America. This is “the fundamental change of America” that Obama spoke about in 2008.

Please spread this exposé far and wide as described here. If America is to survive, all conscientious citizens must fearlessly start doing everything they can think of to take back their country from a government who's declared war on its own citizens. Unless the U.S. government is purged of all of the compromised traitors it's teeming with, this once prosperous country will continue to rapidly crumble.


A much-underestimated, powerful way to help end the corruption

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

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