Irrefutable evidence of Ukraine's Biden-led regime change in 2014 that started the proxy war between NATO allies and Russia


This multi-part exposé proves, in a self-verifiable manner, the fact that Biden-led Obama officials craftily seized control of Ukraine's government in 2014, starting the era of NATO-controlled puppet presidents installed on the borders of Russia. This left Putin almost no choice but to start taking over Ukrainian territories constituting part of Russia's core security zone. The irrefutable evidence presented dismantles the false narrative that Russia's invasion was unprovoked and Putin aims to re-create the Soviet Empire.

A Salon article best summarizes how Russia had been cornered by the way post-coup Ukraine was promised NATO membership:

The U.S. coup was calculated to put Russia in an impossible position. If Russia did nothing, post-coup Ukraine would sooner or later join NATO, as NATO members had already agreed in principle in 2008. NATO forces would advance right up to Russia's border and Russia's important naval base at Sevastopol in the Crimea would fall under NATO control.

If Russia had responded to the coup by invading Ukraine, on the other hand, there would have been no turning back from a disastrous new Cold War with the West. To Washington's frustration, Russia found a middle path out of this dilemma, by accepting the result of Crimea's referendum to rejoin Russia, and only giving covert support to the separatists in the East [Donbas region].

In a June 2014 article, Counterpunch further summarizes where Putin was left after Ukraine's sly takeover, predicting with uncanny accuracy exactly what occurred 8 years later:

A trap was thereby set for Putin. He was damned if he did, and damned if he didn’t. He could underreact, and betray Russia’s basic national interests, allowing NATO to advance its hostile forces to an ideal attack position.

Or he could overreact, by sending Russian forces to invade Ukraine. The West was ready for this, prepared to scream that Putin was “the new Hitler,” poised to overrun poor, helpless Europe, which could only be saved (again) by the generous Americans .

Sure enough, when Putin finally did invade Ukraine on February 24, 2022, sanctimonious NATO allies led by America did rush to save "poor, helpless" Eastern Europe's "democracy," assuming the "moral high ground" to mask their devious effort to topple Putin through a proxy war. Propaganda outlets masquerading as independent media kept harping the "necessity" of sending endless military aid to Ukraine out of a "humanitarian obligation" to defeat an evil madman.

A 2014 article written after the toppling of Ukraine's last democratically-elected president Yanukovych succinctly describes America's mode of operation:

There has been, of course, a long and inglorious history of the U.S. government supporting the overthrow of elected governments: Mossadegh in Iran in 1953, Arbenz in Guatemala in 1954, Allende in Chile in 1973, Aristide in Haiti twice, Chavez in Venezuela briefly in 2002, Zelaya in Honduras in 2009, Morsi in Egypt in 2013, and others. After Yanukovych, the next target of these U.S.-embraced “democratic” coups looks to be Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela.

In these cases, it is typical for the mainstream U.S. news media to obsess over perceived flaws in the ousted leaders. The idea seems to be to cement in the minds of impressionable Americans that it is okay for the U.S. government to support the overthrow of democratically elected presidents if they have flaws.

The outcomes for the people of these countries that are “saved” from their imperfect leaders, however, often tend to be quite ugly. Usually, they experience long periods of brutal repression at the hands of dictators, but that typically happens outside the frame of the U.S. news media’s focus or interest. Those unhappy countries fade from view almost as quickly as they were thrust to center stage, next to the demonization of their elected leaders.

But before America and its allies had began their "magnanimous" mission to "rescue" Ukraine, Biden had had to carry out a huge cover-up operation, to ensure his administration's crimes could never be dug up. PART 2 of this exposé demonstrates, with authenticated audiotapes, that after having orchestrated the toppling of Ukraine's sitting president, Biden not only ordered his new puppet president Poroshenko to fire Ukraine's General Prosecutor, but he also made Poroshenko re-structure of the whole of Ukraine's General Prosecutor's office, also placing America's "person of trust" in Ukraine's General Prosecutor's Office.


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