The implementation of the CCP's suppression tactics by America's puppet regime


The U.S. just couldn't stop enriching the once impoverished evil little CCP, letting it grow into its gargantuan size that's engulfed numerous world governments including that of America's with the help of additional funds from the world's richest billionaires...

This article is an eye-opener about how closely America's government agencies have been made to resemble those of China's in the 3 years after the installation of the illegitimate Biden Regime with the use of hackable voting machines capable of being connected to the Internet, ballot box stuffing, unconstitutionally giving non-citizens voting rights, to name a few shenanigans.

During an interview in Australia, Bill Gates openly praised communist China's rising role in dominating and governing the world, saying that countries like China "need to play a stronger role in world governance" (32:35 into the video). “I tend to see China’s rise as a huge win for the world,” (37:33 into the video), Gates told on January 25, 2023. Gates said so despite having had to admit in the same interview that China does have an autocratic regime. Gates also pointed out where today's America is at, saying "The U.S. is politically weaker today, I would say, than it's been, and, you know, that's scary for the world” (31:15 into the video). As a "remedy" to U.S.'s weakened state as a world-leading superpower. Gates suggested that countries like China take over. “China has gone from, in 1980, being incredibly impoverished — poorer than India, I mean literally, with starvation, malnutrition — to being the most wealthy middle-income country in the world. It’s incredible, and it's great for the world,” Gates told (36:45 into the video).

Conservative journalist/podcaster J. D. Rucker explains:

"This isn’t really all that new. Gates has pandered to China for decades. But for him to promote their form of communism to a western audience is something he would not have been able to do just a few years ago. Today, he has no need to hide his true feelings for two reasons. First, he has enough clout to survive any scandal; if the stink of Jeffrey Epstein couldn’t make him a full-blown pariah, touting China is small potatoes. Second, many leftists feel the same way as he does and would love to see us become the Communist States of America."

Is America truly ripe and ready to accept its fate brought on by Gates and his billionaire comrades in cahoots with China?

Have enough Americans really been brainwashed so completely by now by their CCP-affiliated media, to embrace CCP-style world governance?

To understand to what extent the Biden regime doesn't work for Americans, please see this 10-part exposé that systematically demonstrates the authenticated proof of the way the illegitimate puppet regime brought into power in 2020 is deeply compromised by mainly communist China.

After Gates and his comrades aligned their interests in their goal of replacing world governments with a totalitarian One World Regime, they got China to sign in by promising to expand the CCP's reign to the entire world. The CCP taught the globalists all the tactics it perfected over a century to keep large populations suppressed and keep installing only subservient politicians and government officials. The unholy alliance of Gates, his billionaire friends, and the CCP then released their bioweapon engineered with American dollars through the NIH/NIAID they had compromised. This bioweapon helped government-controlled censorship measures to be eased in, initially by only controlling health-related "misinformation" to "save lives." This bioweapon also served as an excuse to dramatically loosen America's election integrity laws to illegitimately install America's  puppet regime

After the installation of their puppet regime, the alliance of the the CCP and billionaires quickly expanded the scope of their censorship efforts to wipe out all political dissent with the help of corrupted government agencies including the CDC, Fauci's NIAID, the U.S. Census Bureau, the Departments of Treasury and State and more, as court documents and the Twitter Files have proven. Once free debate platforms had gone out the window with the help of the worldwide networks of the "censorship industrial complex," it was easy for the CCP to quickly further corrupt every other U.S. government branch and agency.

Americans have been experiencing CCP-style co-parenting and heavy indoctrination in American schools, as well as CCP-style monitoring of ordinary citizens by a Homeland Security Department no longer focused on foreign threats. The DOJ has been weaponized, the CIA has weaponized and FBI has been weaponized and unleashed onto everyday Americans.

If all of the above are not the hallmarks of a totalitarian regime, what is?

Let me give you a few more examples to convince you of the fact that we're now living in the Communist States of America.

If you haven't read already, please don't miss this article titled "Framing of Michael Flynn: The story that should have won a Pulitzer Prize, but hasn’t been written." Can you believe such a set up could happen in the United States of America?

Who on their right minds can overlook the complete degeneration of democracy when the Biden Administration has even knowingly unrightfully sentenced mostly  non-violent patriots to years in prison for peacefully touring the Capitol after following the lead of a hired provocateur? Please see this article describing how protestors had been allowed to enter the Capitol on January 6 2020. Did you know that when Trans Lives Matter was let into Oklahoma's Capitol during their protest, the media lauded it?

Please  don't miss this footage of "insurrectionist Qanon Shaman" Jacob Chansley reading Trump’s tweet aloud on a megaphone on January 6, 2020, telling protestors to go home and remain peaceful. As Chansley still sits in jail serving his 4 year sentence for "sedition" as of March 14, 2023, which idiot would still put his trust in America's "justice" system?

"In free countries, governments do not lie about protests as a pretext to gain more power for themselves. They don't selectively edit videos for propaganda services and then lie about them in fake hearings and show trials. But that's EXACTLY what happened," says Tucker Carlson in his great commentary on the January 6 footage released on his show on March 6, 2023.

This article delves into the Biden Regime's branding of his opposition's supporters as "terrorists" and "criminals," explaining why this represents the end of democracy and the beginning of a totalitarian one-party system.

Just like in communist China, human life has no value for the U.S. government. America's illegitimate puppet regime has been deliberately aiding and abetting murdering and sickening American citizens, here is absolute proof of it.

The Communist States of America has a Department of Defense led by a China-serving traitor no one has yet dared arrest. America's justice system has been corrupted to such an extent, treasonous General Miley and his woke comrades have been getting away with having almost totally destroyed the U.S. military as described here, here and here.

"We are in a war with communist China," Peter Navarro, Trump's former assistant had recognized and warned back in November 2021. "They attacked us with a bio weapon," Navarro had told, adding, "they're threatening Taiwan. They took Hong Kong. They continue to steal our intellectual property." "They are an existential threat to this country, and we need to hold them accountable for this violence," Navarro had written in his op-ed titled "US needs to decouple from China now." The details are explained in Navarro's great book "In Trump Time: My Journal of America’s Plague Year."

Under the Biden administration subservient to the CCP, U.S. will never be decoupling from China to end its dependence on Chinese products and supply chains. The gargantuan demonic hydra will keep getting richer and bigger with no end in sight, unless American patriots may figure out a way to stop feeding the monster after getting rid of all of the 388 traitors occupying the U.S. government as well as the luciferian billionaires putting them in power.


A much-underestimated, powerful way to help end the corruption

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

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