Please do not underestimate the often-misunderstood amazing power of exponential growth in spreading information to a large enough population very rapidly, if and only if every conscientious individual like you does his/her part. After reading the letter below, thanks for sharing it with all your friends and military members you may know, making sure to send such sensitive emails only from a secure server such as Protonmail's (you can get a free account in minutes). Please don't skip asking all your friends and military members to also share this letter with all of their own friends and military members they themselves may know, to cause the full truth to spread exponentially and go viral among military members. This, I'm convinced, is unfortunately the only option left to save our country and the world. Thanks again for doing your part and God bless. 


Dear Commanders and troops of the U.S. Armed Forces,


I'd like to start by letting you know that I appreciate the service you're doing to this country I've become a citizen of. My dad was a colonel in the Turkish Air Force and I grew up on an Air Force Base, making me familiar with all your sacrifices.

I'm a software engineer with a master’s degree experienced at information systems analysis and design. I maintain this blog which recently caught the attention of a federal operative who introduced himself to me as statistician Mathew Crawford. I’ve saved all our email communications, we’ve also had several Zoom talks. I believe this person works for the Feds because of how much time and energy he spent in relentlessly trying to persuade me to take down my article titled "PENTAGON "CORRECTS" ITS DATABASE AFTER ATTORNEY PRESENTS HARROWING VACCINE SIDE EFFECT DATA." I think this person was appointed by the Feds or DoD, because no one would have spent that many hours day after day to try to make me believe that what I wrote about is incorrect, it seemed to be his job to persuade me.

Although I’ve had to finally pretend I believed that operative to try to get him off my back (apparently), I wrote an unpublicized article on exactly why every point he brought up were lies. Please find this unpublicized article here, titled "FURTHER PROOF OF THE WAY TREASONOUS PENTAGON LEADERS HAVE DELIBERATELY KILLED AND WEAKENED U.S. TROOPS UNDER THEIR CARE."

The two articles linked above represent the irrefutable proof of exactly how treasonous Pentagon leadership has knowingly massacred and weakened American troops' combat ability without firing a single bullet, doing this right before deeply compromised illegitimate "Commander in Chief" Biden put U.S. troops up against WWIII with Russia and China.

Here is yet additional proof of the extent to which the corrupt DoD leaders of compromised "president" Biden have been working at destroying and weakening the U.S. military.

For the love of God and the country you’re serving, please click on all of the links in this post you're reading to see exactly why U.S. troops have been set up to lose the upcoming WWIII they are already illegally fighting in Ukraine without congressional approval, which a Biden spokesperson has confirmed.

Putin's not trying to re-create the Soviet Empire, it's the NATO allies who've been threatening Russia's national security since 2014 in trying to create a totalitarian communist One World Government, please see the irrefutable proof here.

It's a crime to fight in wars initiated by a compromised and illegitimate "Commander in Chief" without congressional approval, all killings done during such a war should amount to murder. During the Nuremberg trials, Nazi soldiers were still sentenced for killing innocent people despite the way they insisted they were “following orders.” Biden is more corrupt and more evil than even Hitler, thank you for not skipping finding out the heavily censored, self-verifiable irrefutable proof of the full extent of the corruption of your "Commander in Chief" linked above. If you agree with everything I’ve attempted to document all in one place on my website, God bless you for fulfilling your enlistment oath to uphold the constitution and protect your country from all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC instead of obeying criminal orders and partaking in a WWIII declared illegally by the nefarious parties who hold Biden's strings, who've developed the Sars-CoV-2 bioweapon in collusion with the CCP.

I've put my life on the line by not taking down my article on the DoD’s corruption, I'm continuing to put my life in great risk by writing this post as a God-fearing person trying to prevent WWIII with possible nuclear escalations. Trying to be brave is not fun, I haven’t slept properly for weeks now. I would never have written this letter addressed to the commanders of the U.S. forces  WITHOUT HAVING COMPILED THE FULL PROOF OF MY ALLEGATIONS, THANKS AGAIN FOR TAKING THE TIME TO CLICK ON THE LINKS HERE BEFORE MAKING ANY ASSUMPTIONS.

Lastly and most importantly, PLEASE do NOT forward this unpublicized letter to any compromised higher-ups. If you agree with everything I’ve diligently documented, please forward this letter in an email (including all of its links) to only the military members you trust, telling them to also forward it to all military members they themselves trust. Please make sure your emails don’t go into spam folders (you can call some of your friends to check if they are). Alerting your higher ups to the fact that you know of the DoD’s corruption may cause not only me but also yourself to also disappear CCP-style, please pray for me I won't.

Thanks again for your time and sincerely,


Asli Theobald, M.S.
Tel: 850-867-5449

A much-underestimated, powerful way to help end the corruption

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

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