Additional information proving that U.S. troops have been massacred by DoD leaders subservient to America's illegitimate puppet regime

"Corrected" outpatient visit numbers that don't make the slightest sense

After I wrote my article titled "Pentagon "corrects" its database after attorney presents harrowing vaccine side effect data," the DoD unleashed on me an analyst who relentlessly kept trying to persuade me into believing that everything I wrote about is incorrect. This person initially seemed so personable and convincing that I almost did believe him. I then saw exactly how he'd been lying to me in his efforts to steer me away from exposing the DoD's corruption. This article exposes those lies in further proving the fact that treasonous Pentagon leaders have knowingly tried to massacre and weaken U.S. troops before puppet president Biden put America up against WWIII with Russia and China.

To be able to follow and make sense of this article, please first read my previous article referenced above, exposing how the Pentagon has been aiding and abetting the weakening of U.S.' military carried out by the nefarious parties who developed the Sars-CoV-2 bioweapon in collusion with the CCP.

Statistician Mathew Crawford first introduced himself to me by replying to my comments on the Substack platform of Attorney Thomas Renz, the attorney hired by the 3 DoD whistleblowers who'd extracted from the DoD's DMED database the data showing deeply disturbing increases in numerous diseases in the troops after the rollout of the mRNA vaccines for COVID-19. "I was the statistician brought in to examine the evidence (on which I've spent hundreds of hours) and disagreed strongly and conclusively with Tom's [whistleblowers' attorney Thomas Renz's] initial position,"  Crawford wrote to me on December 29, 2022. “The numbers he [attorney Thomas Renz] presented at the Johnson hearing were invalid and nonsensical,” wrote Crawford to me in another message the same day on December 29, 2022. But what's truly nonsensical are the updated 2016-2020 vaccine injury numbers in the DoD's "new and improved" DMED database, which the DoD upwardly revised to obliterate the huge differences between the number of outpatient visits in 2021 and the previous 5 years (2016-2020) before the vaccine rollout. I realized how meaningless the upwardly revised number of outpatient visits for 2016-2020 are after my research led me to 2 articles written by investigative journalist Daniel Horowitz.

Daniel Horowitz, who's the senior editor of The Blaze, explains in his February 2022 article:

“It is simply ludicrous to suggest that there are this many diagnoses in the military in a given year [during 2016-2020]. All active-duty soldiers have to be medically screened. Obesity, diabetes, and heart conditions are very rare, and the population is generally very young. If we really have over 20 million diagnoses every year in the military (consisting of about 1.4 million active-duty personnel), there is something seriously wrong, and that in itself is a huge story.”

In pointing out the extent to which the upwardly revised 2016-2020 vaccine injury numbers don't make the slightest sense, Horowitz further writes, “We are to believe that there are nearly 1 million nervous system diagnoses in the military every year in a fighting force of 1.4 million?”

Under a graph showing the outpatient visits supposedly caused by pulmonary embolism, Horowitz states:

“How can a military of healthy young people have such a high baseline of pulmonary embolisms every year? One estimate of pulmonary embolism prevalence in the U.S. is between 60 and 70 per 100,000 [people] per year. But that is almost exclusively in the elderly and sicker population. Soldiers 20 to 25 years old don’t exactly get pulmonary embolisms. So even accounting for the fact that these are diagnosis codes and not unique individuals (some might have had a few visits in a year), the numbers are way too high.”

Horowitz also writes:

“Here’s the problem with such an alleged presentation of the data. Putting the vaccines aside, the DOD’s “new” model would literally erase the existence of COVID off the face of the planet as if we never had the biggest pandemic of our lifetime. Even if the vaccine never caused a single doctor’s visit, COVID alone had to increase the codes. Yes, the military is generally very young, and deaths and hospitalizations were relatively low, but it’s impossible to believe that especially during the vicious Delta outbreak since the summer, there was no increase in COVID-related doctor’s visits. Just long COVID alone had to register a meaningful increase. Ironically, the Biden administration is forcing a vaccine mandate for a virus that, according to this alleged new data, didn’t cause even a 1% increase in baseline outpatient doctor’s visits this year!


Horowitz also points out that the whistleblowers “attested in sworn statements that the increase in the data reflected their clinical experience in the military over the past year and is, in their professional opinion, the result primarily of mass vaccine injury from the COVID shots.” 

Horowitz concludes in his article,

“The silence both from the media and congressional members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees is astounding. One of two things is true: Either there was mass vaccine injury in the military, or our military has been very unhealthy and the Pentagon completely lost control over epidemiological surveillance of these health issues for years. Either way, this is the story of the year.”

The real reference data versus the bogus reference data

In his efforts to persuade me to not believe the DoD whistleblowers' allegations presented to Senator Ron Johnson by attorney Thomas Renz, Renz's former analyst Mathew Crawford also told me in a December 30, 2022 comment: “the original numbers [original whistleblower data] also did not match numbers from any other database, so checking them against historical data or having a data professional check should have been the step prior to presentation.” This is a lie, as the reporting of investigative journalist Horowitz again reveals. Horowitz’ explains:

“However, one of the whistleblowers who signed an affidavit for Sen. Johnson pulled the data prior to 2016, and guess what? That data matches the baseline found by the whistleblowers and makes the new “updated” data out of sync with historical context.

Here is the presentation shown to me by one of the whistleblowers for ambulatory pericarditis diagnoses from 2001 to 2015.

As you can see, this data establishes a nice 15-year baseline average annual pericarditis diagnoses of 569, much closer to the 2016-2020 average originally found by the whistleblowers (525) than the newly updated DOD data (1,047).”

Horowitz, who's bravely kept pursuing his "story of the year" which no one else dared cover, also points out the way the original DMED numbers entered by military doctors "harmonize very well with the VAERS data that show a 10-fold increase in reported deaths and hospitalizations from the shots." This demonstrates the extent to which Mathew Crawford was lying.

In persistently trying to make me believe that the whistleblowers' original numbers for 2016-2020 don't match any reference data, Crawford showed me more reference data from Medical Surveillance Monthly Reports (MSMR) published by the CDC. It is my strong opinion that this data was also doctored by the DoD in their efforts to muddy the waters, steer analysts like me away, divide Attorney Renz's team, demotivate Renz and make his case appear too murky to convince any judge or jury. To prove my point, I'd like to explain what the CDC's MSMR reports are and how they contain the reference data Crawford pointed out to me.

The May editions of the CDC's medical surveillance monthly reports (MSMR) include yearly summaries of the number of ambulatory (outpatient) visits for U.S. military members. Each of these May MSMR's contains yearly summaries for three prior years staggered with a year in between, for instance, May 2021’s MSMR includes summary data for the years 2020, 2018, and 2016. May 2020’s MSMR includes summary data for the years 2019, 2017, and 2015. May 2019’s MSMR includes summary data for the years 2018, 2016, and 2014. Here, please note the way the yearly summary data for 2018 and 2016 shows in both May 2019’s MSMR and May 2021’s MSMR. Historically, all such data for the past years appearing twice in different MSMR reports matched almost 100%, but not after the vaccine rollout, as shown in the 2 tables below.  

Below is ambulatory (outpatient) visit summary data for 2018, and 2016 published in 2021's MSMR:

Below is ambulatory (outpatient) visit summary data for the same years 2018, and 2016 published in 2019's MSMR:

As seen in the tables above, after the vaccine rollout, 2016 and 2018's outpatient visit totals in 2021’s report are much higher than 2016's and 2018's outpatient visit totals in 2019’s report, indicating that 2021's MSMR's outpatient visit totals for 2016 and 2018 have been upwardly revised. Crawford did acknowledge this, but kept pointing out the way the whistleblowers' outpatient visit numbers for 2016 and 2018 pulled out of DMED are lower than the numbers for 2016 and 2018 in 2019's MSMR. Which was correct, 2019's MSMR's outpatient visit numbers for 2016 and 2018 or the whistleblowers' lower number of outpatient visits for 2016 and 2018 they'd pulled out of DMED?

The whistleblowers' lower numbers were incorrect, Crawford kept insisting, claiming that the MSMR data for 2019 and prior years had to be original and could not have been revised due to the way many publications and papers referenced it. The supposedly "correct" number of outpatient visits in 2019's MSMR for 2018 and 2016, when compared with the number of outpatient visits for 2021, produce differences that are less than the very large and deeply disturbing differences produced by the whistleblowers' lower numbers. Thus the vaccines are not as harmful as the whistleblowers' lower reference data indicated, Crawford claimed, also claiming that the lower numbers the whistleblowers pulled out indicated there had indeed been a glitch in DMED.

My own hypothesis is that the MSMR data for 2019 and previous years must also have been slightly upwardly revised to make the vaccine injury numbers look less harrowing, to discredit the whistleblowers' numbers, to give some credibility to the ridiculous DMED glitch theory, and most importantly, to muddy the waters and confuse Renz and any judge & jury. I had no reason to believe the DoD wouldn't have combed through the published literature and also revised whichever publication and paper referenced the MSMR data for 2019 and previous years that may have originally matched the whistleblowers' data. I wouldn't put this past a  DoD and CDC which had revised just about everything else.

I've pulled the archived versions of the MSMR's for 2019 and prior years from the Wayback machine and compared those versions to the MSMRs for the same years currently downloadable from CDC's website. I saw that there are no discrepancies. I believe the DoD must have revised the Wayback machine's archives too with the help of its weaponized FBI and CIA.

COVID-19 vaccine side-effects had started going into the DMED around December 15, 2020 when the Pentagon had announced on December 10 that troops could get the COVID-19 vaccines starting the following week. On May 2021, when it was time to generate May 2021’s MSMR report, vaccine adverse reactions had been occurring for about 5 months since December 2020. Monitoring the last 5 month's outpatient visit numbers, upon seeing the huge discrepancies between 2021’s number of doctor visits compared to the past years’ doctor visits, Pentagon/CDC directors must have panicked and upwardly revised May 2021’s report data for 2020, 2018 and 2016 to hide the huge discrepancies after the vaccine rollout, obliterating most side effects. For example, please see this past report of the Vaccine Safety Technical (VaST) Work Group that concludes there’s no significant myocarditis risk on May 17, 2021 based on the upwardly revised 2021 MSMR data. If the VaST team had based their conclusion on the number of outpatient visits for 2018 and 2016 in 2019’s MSMR report, they'd have had to report significant myocarditis risk.

Before Crawford likely got compromised or got threatened and began to fervently oppose Renz and everyone else working on Renz's side, he'd originally written:

“I'm wondering if somebody in the DoD saw the rates of certain illnesses skyrocketing during the early months of 2021, made the decision to falsify the ambulatory reports for the May 2021 MSMR (jacking them up where needed to mask safety signals), then decided to pre-empt any investigation into the DMSS/DMED by leaving DMED in a sabotaged state, and with a fully prepared plan to muddy the waters with a "glitch" story.”

At the time Renz presented the whistleblowers' very high vaccine injury numbers to Sen. Johnson on January 24, 2022, everyone had excitedly been waiting for May 2022’s MSMR report to be published, to let them compare 2019’s and 2017’s outpatient visit numbers to the outpatient visit numbers for 2019 and 2017 in May 2020’s MSMR. But when May 2022’s MSMR did come out, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, the CDC AVOIDED PUBLISHING ANY AMBULATORY (OUTPATIENT) VISIT DATA FOR ANY PAST YEAR. 2022 became the first year when an MSMR report didn’t contain any ambulatory visit numbers for the past year and 2 prior years staggered with a year in between. THIS IS WHAT MAKES ME BELIEVE THE DoD/CDC HAS EVERYTHING TO HIDE ABOUT HOW BAD AND FREQUENT COVID VACCINE SIDE EFFECTS HAVE BEEN.  

Mathew Crawford also told me he's been trying to find his own attorney to present to a judge his theory that DoD/CDC is guilty of data fraud but not as bad as the DoD whistleblowers claim. I believe his lawsuit is designed to discredit the whistleblowers' and Renz's lawsuit and cause confusion about it.

If there was really a glitch in DMED for 2016-2020, the CDC’s COVID-19 vaccine safety technical (VaST) work group would have noticed it

The DoD/CDC knew about the high numbers of vaccine injuries, they covered them up for months while continuing to mandate the vaccines, and called it all a "glitch" only when military medical doctors blew the whistle on them.

There's no way in hell that a "glitch" as huge as the whistleblowers' data requires may have gone unnoticed in DMED for more than 4 months, when the CDC, FDA, DoD had been monitoring the database as closely as this section demonstrates.

The DMED "glitch" responsible for the huge differences in the number of outpatient visits before and after the vaccine rollout had been supposedly introduced while the Pentagon migrated its server hosting the DMED database in August 2021. This was announced in an unsigned court statement the DoD submitted in Navy SEAL 1 vs. Austin to Florida federal Judge Douglas Merryday. This court statement claimed that before the DMED's "glitch" was fixed, the 2016-2020 data showed "only 10% of the true number of medical encounters for that period." This stunt got admonished by the judge who pointed out the way DoD's statement was unsigned and there was no expert witness backing its claims. "Numerous data points suggest that the government is lying about this narrative," points out Horowitz in his article titled "5 ways DOD’s recalibrated health surveillance data looks like a fraudulent attempt to cover vaccine injury." 

If DMED could have had a "glitch" causing 90% of the number of outpatient visits to be missing between 2016-2020, it's extremely unlikely that the CDC didn't discover the huge discrepancies caused by such a large amount of missing data sooner than the day of Renz's presentation in January 24, 2022, when the CDC's COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Technical (VaST) Work Group had been diligently surveying and monitoring DMED and having weekly meetings to discuss their findings. "According to the CDC, the Department of Defense (DoD) is one of the several sources of information used to assess vaccine safety. […] this certainly means the DMSS and DMED," Crawford had explained before deciding to oppose Renz and parting ways with his team. "VaST continues to review COVID-19 vaccination safety data from passive and active surveillance systems," states the 3rd page of every VaST monthly workgroup report downloadable from the CDC's website. All of these monthly VaST reports also state that U.S. safety monitoring systems include "Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), FDA BEST System,1 Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Indian Health Service (IHS), Department of Defense (DoD) [which includes DMED]."

Please see this obliterated January 27, 2021 VaST report archived in the Wayback Machine, which explicitly describes how well the CDC's VaST team had been monitoring all relevant databases including those of the DoD. This report states:

Well-established vaccine safety surveillance systems remain the cornerstone of COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring in the U.S.

Novel approaches to surveillance have enriched our understanding of COVID-19 vaccine safety in the early phases of vaccine deployment

VaST meets weekly to review all available data and to ensure a coordinated approach across multiple safety surveillance systems”

After the DMED server's migration on August 2021 and during the time the supposed "glitch" presented itself from September 2021 to January 29, 2022, the VaST team continued to produce monthly reports, all of which state VaST’s objective as being to "Review, evaluate, and interpret post-authorization/approval COVID-19 vaccine safety data.” None of these September, October, November and December 2021's VaST reports mention the harrowing jumps in the number of outpatient visits after the vaccine rollout caused by the "glitch" responsible for 90% of the doctor visits to be missing for 2016-2020! Who on their right minds could believe none of VaST's experts noticed the extremely disturbing increases in the outpatient visit numbers for September, October, November and December of 2021 caused by the missing outpatient visit numbers between 2016-2020? VaST's team members must certainly have been forced to participate in a cover-up operation, since not even the most gross form of incompetence could explain such horrific negligence. Crawford couldn't truly believe that the huge increases in doctors visits were never noticed until January 24, 2022 when Renz presented the discrepancies, which caused the supposed "glitch" to get "corrected" 4 days later on January 29.

In May 2022, the CDC's VaST team altogether stopped publishing monthly reports, beginning to completely hide from the public the results of its analysis of the databases containing vaccine injury data.

When I'd initially temporarily believed I'd seen Crawford's point and agreed with him, he's written to me on December 30, 2022, saying, "Yes, I explained what you're now seeing to thousands of people so far, and nearly every one of them sees it." Why would anyone take so much time out of his workday to constantly keep “correcting” the thousands of people investigating the DoD's corruption, unless he'd been assigned to do so? Crawford, who may have been compromised or threatened into accepting his assignment to oppose Renz and cause everyone to disagree with Renz, has, perhaps out of guilt or shame, written warning articles titled the “Chaos Agent Series” spelling out the job description of those assigned to destroy teams such as Renz's. Scrolling down to ‘Chaos Agents Defined’ in this article seems to spell out Crawford's exact job description.

In trying to win me over onto his own opposition team, Crawford also tried to make me believe that the DoD whistleblowers are so out of it that they’ve compared apples to oranges by comparing the number of all outpatient visits (including first diagnosis and all follow ups) to the number of unique diagnosis (only first diagnosis for new illnesses). This allegation immediately fell apart when I insisted on seeing the whistleblowers' queries. These queries showed me exactly how easy it is to query DMED for either first occurrences or all occurrences (you can easily simply select either option). Military doctors couldn't have compared all doctors' visits with first time visits and base false conclusions on this.

In an America governed by an illegitimate "Commander in Chief" as of April 2023, each and every day presents an existential threat to the nation while those responsible for this cover-up walk free. U.S. armed forces continue to remain vulnerable to being taken down by their own treasonous leadership without the firing of a single bullet.

Enough patriots need to summon the courage to stop America’s destruction ASAP in the light of the proclamations of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Those who have sworn oaths to protect their country from all enemies foreign and domestic need to step up before the complete destruction of their country.




A much-underestimated, powerful way to help end the corruption

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

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