Hunter's lawyers finally admit the laptop's authenticity, confirming the findings of the forensic investigatiors numerous media outlets had independently hired


During the last 2 years, troves of incriminating information kept surfacing about the Biden family despite extensive CCP-style censorship efforts. Almost all of the information used in the 9-part exposé The Selling of America comes from the emails on Hunter Biden's laptop, which have been repeatedly vetted by top forensic experts as this article describes.

Hunter Biden's emails, which were first exclusively published by the New York Post, have been obtained from the hard drive copy of Hunter's laptop dropped off and abandoned at a computer repair shop. The hard drive's copy was given to the New York Post by attorney Rudi Giuliani who'd obtained the copy from the repair shop's owner John Paul Mac Isaac. In addition to giving a copy of the hard drive to the New York Post, Giuliani gave another copy to Trump's former advisor Steve Bannon's podcast co-host Jack Maxey who provided the Daily Mail too with a copy. Since then, the New York Post, the Daily Mail and many other outlets who obtained their own copies of the hard drive published numerous articles on the Biden corruption scandal. Below is why we know the laptop contents are authentic.

  1. Despite the left's initial attempts to dismiss the laptop contents as Russian disinformation, eventually even far-left-biased outlets such as the New York Times had to reverse course, acknowledging the laptop's authenticity after too many competing outlets independently had the hard drive's contents authenticated by forensic experts.
  2. Among the outlets that hired experts to vet the laptop data is the Daily Caller which published on October 29, 2020 the details of how the cybersecurity experts they'd commissioned conducted their forensic analysis.
  3. The Washington Post also published an article on the laptop data's authenticity, describing the way the cybersecurity experts the New York Post had commissioned had used cryptographic signatures from technology companies to authenticate nearly 22,000 emails from 2009 to 2019.
  4. The Washington Examiner has also had the laptop's content independently authenticated by a former Secret Service agent who's testified as a cyber-forensics expert in over 100 classified, criminal, and civil matters. This renowned forensic expert has determined that the drive contents are "indisputably authentic, and there is no evidence of any hacking or file manipulation."
  5. The Daily Mail has also commissioned their own credible cybersecurity experts who authenticated the laptop's content using the forensic tools utilized by federal and state law enforcement in criminal investigations, explains the outlet at the end of one of their articles on the Bidens' corruption.
  6. On November 21, 2022, even the left-leaning CBS News announced having had the authenticity of Hunter's laptop data independently verified, publishing that their forensic experts' analysis also showed the data is real and has never been tampered with.
  7. This exposé The Selling of America also contains information coming from phone data, texts, emails and financial documents provided by Hunter Biden’s ex-business associate Tony Bobulinski, which were initially handed over to Tucker Carlson. All of these have been verified as being real and authentic by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.
  8. The exposé includes information coming from the contents of Hunter's password-protected iPhone XS backup stored on his abandoned laptop. The authenticity of this phone backup has also been verified by the former Secret Service agent expert that Washington Examiner commissioned. This expert has been able to locate the password to the iPhone backup during his examination of the laptop's drive, revealing all the contents.
  9. Knowing all of the above can't be falsified, Hunter Biden’s lawyers have had to finally admit on February 1 2023 that the laptop Hunter abandoned indeed belongs to him.

Despite the way all of the information described has been public knowledge for many years, on September 20, 2022, the Democratic House Oversight Committee "rejected a GOP effort to seek documents related to the Biden family's international business deals, as Republicans attempt to lay the groundwork to investigate Hunter Biden," reports CNN. But on November 11, 2022, the Republican controlled House has finally launched an investigation to look into Joe Biden’s involvement in his son's foreign business deals. Please don't postpone taking action to pressure the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability members to make sure treasonous Joe Biden does get impeached and tried for high treason without further delay.

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