Snipers have confessed to operating under American operative


PART 5 of this exposé described how Biden had threatened his new puppet president Poroshenko with assassination if he'd reveal to Trump the details of what the Obama Administration had done in Ukraine to cause the Maidan Revolution to succeed. It's unclear how much detail then-president Trump may have found out, but he did halt military aid to Ukraine on July 18, 2019. On July 26, 2019, Trump also told Ukraine's current puppet president Zelensky to investigate Biden and his son Hunter during a phone conversation. But puppet president Zelensky was loyal to the Deep State. Perhaps with Zelensky's help, a "whistleblower" from the CIA who'd tracked Trump and Zelensky's conversation released a complaint alleging that Trump used the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 presidential election. This helped then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to file articles of impeachment on Trump. On December 10, 2018, the House voted in favor of impeaching Trump.

The Deep State had won yet one more round.

After the Maidan massacre of February 20, 2014, Ukraine's then General Prosecutor Shokin had had a very hard time determining who had ordered the snipers to fire at the civilian crowds before the crowd's anger and Biden's "persuasion" caused Yanukovych to flee. Shokin told that law enforcement officers had blocked the investigation into the Maidan crimes, saying that he also "found evidence of the investigation being blocked by officials of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Ministry of Interior, and the Security Service of Ukraine." Reuters explains:

The probes into the killings have been hindered by missing evidence. Many guns allegedly used to shoot protesters have vanished; many of the bullets fired were taken home as souvenirs. Barricades, bullet-pierced trees and other items of forensic evidence were removed, lawyers say.

Someone had done an extremely good clean-up job. Atlantic Counsel describes:

Imagine a European capital city where dozens of unarmed protesters are shot down in broad daylight. Now imagine that six years later, those responsible for the slaughter have still not been brought to justice. Inconceivable? Incredibly, this is precisely the situation in today’s Ukraine, where scores of protesters participating in the country’s Revolution of Dignity were killed in the vicinity of Kyiv’s Independence Square (Maidan) in late February 2014.

Zelenskyy acknowledged last week that the killings on Maidan remain “the most complicated case in our country.” He told the media that evidence and documents have been lost, while the scene of the crime has been tampered with and “cleaned up.” He could not say when those who gave the orders would be found, but gave assurances that the matter is being “dealt with faster than several years ago.” It is receiving proper attention, he stressed, “and we are doing everything possible.”

But while puppet Zelensky's re-structured General Prosecutor's office has been faffing about, an Italian journalist had been keeping busy...

Journalist Gian Micalessin is the military correspondent of the newspaper Il Giornale which is one of Italy's best selling newspapers. After a 2 year investigation, Micalessin located and interviewed 3 men whom he believes were among the snipers at Maidan Square in Kiev in February 2014. Here is Micalessin's story in Italian on Il Giornale, which also aired on TV as a documentary on Italy’s most watched Canale 5. Here is that documentary in 2 parts with English subtitles, featuring the alleged snipers confessing to operating under the command of an American military operative called Brian Christopher Boyenger.

Anybody surprised?

A much-underestimated, powerful way to help end the corruption

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